2018: Chase Jalbert

Post-glacial distribution and population dynamics of Northern Pike (Esox lucius) in Alaska

2018:  Kendall Mills

Unraveling the Phylogeny of Trans-Beringian Marmota using Ultraconserved Elements

2018:  Gerad Smith

Exploring Mid to Late Holocene Economic Shifts and Cultural Change at Swan Point, Tanana Valley, Alaska

2017:  Juliette Funck

Working towards a ‘rode’-map for Beringia

2016: Juliette Funck

Tracking migration patterns of ancient bison in eastern Beringia: strontium isotope analyses of an exceptionally well-preserved steppe bison (Bison b. priscus) specimen from the North slope


2015: Louise Farquharson

Holocene ice-wedge polygon development and its impact on soil organic carbon dynamics in the Noatak lowlands, Alaska

2015: Paul Wilcox

Vegetation of Ice Age Refugia in Southeast Alaska

2013: Louise Farquharson

Establishing a detailed chronology for a Quaternary marine transgression on the Beaufort Sea Coastal Plain, Alaska

2011: Carson Baughman

Ecological thresholds between arctic steppe and tundra

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