Other UAF research facilities

Faculty and students at the Department of Anthropology are able to utilize a wide variety of research facilities on the UAF campus.


The UAF DNA CORE lab contains advanced instrumentation for The Core Facility provides nucleic acid sample analysis, and maintenance and support for molecular instruments (some of which may be too expensive for individual labs to own) for both UAF and outside users. The Core Lab facilitates learning by hosting training workshops and seminars for instrumentation and techniques to help students, faculty, and staff learn to use available equipment. The Core Lab also provides tours to middle and high school students/teachers, undergraduate students, graduate students, research staff, faculty candidates, and local or out of state visitors. The Core Lab has also been involved in several undergraduate/graduate classes offered by the Biology Department and the Chemistry Department. See Services and Fees for more information on lab services.

UA Museum of the North

The UA Museum of the North has archaeological collections containing materials that document cultures in Alaska from the Late Pleistocene to the present. Extensive paleontology, geology, botany, zoology, ethnology, and fine arts collections are also available for study at the museum.

Elmer E. Rasmuson Library

The Elmer E. Rasmuson Library contains the distinguished Alaska Polar Regions Collection, as well as an outstanding rare book and map collection. Primary sources and photographic collections on the Circumpolar North are also available in the Archive and Manuscript Division of the library.

Alaska Native Language Center

The Alaska Native Language Center offers unrivaled opportunities for the study of Alaskan languages, and provides important support for instruction and research in sociocultural anthropology.

Alaska Quaternary Center

The Alaska Quaternary Center focuses on the natural history of Alaska from the beginning of the Pleistocene through the Holocene.

UAF Stable Isotope Facility

The UAF Stable Isotope Facility is an excellent resource for bioanthropology and archaeology students interested in using advanced lab methods for their research. Student and faculty researchers alike may use our own chemical bioarchaeology lab for preparation of materials before submitting samples for analysis.

Alaska and Polar Regions Collections & Archives

The Alaska and Polar Regions Collections & Archives has several resources including Oral History Archives, Project Jukebox, and Alaska's Digital Archives.