Research Theme: Discourse Analysis

Moral discourse and stance-taking in Sakapultek Maya

Robin Shoaps

Robin Shoaps has been doing ethnographic and linguistic fieldwork with the Sakapultek ethnolinguistic group in highland Guatemala since 1997. She has collected over a hundred hours of recordings of language use in everyday and ritual and religious contexts in order to study the communicative resources available in Sakapultek for taking moral stances.


Pentecostalism and Culture in Nahuala

Dr. Shoaps has been doing ethnographic and linguistic fieldwork in Nahuala since 2009. Her research in this area focuses on Pentecostalism in this K'iche' speaking community, facets of which include local media, the role local evangelical radio stations and churches play in mayoral politics and personal experiences of the Holy Spirit. She has collected ethnographic audio and video recordings in a variety of K'iche language churches from the major evangelical denominations in Nahuala, conducted interviews with radio station owners, church pastors and members of a variety of congregations as well as analyzed religious language found in radio broadcast and live sermons.
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