Tom Allen

Education: Current MA student; BS Anthropology (2011) University of Alaska Fairbanks 
Thesis: Early Holocene Lithic Procurement, Technological Organization, and Mobility: Insights from XBD-167 (Little Delta #3)
Research interests: I primarily work on questions of technological adaptations during the Early Holocene especially on toolstone procurement behavior and the insight these behaviors have on understanding mobility during this ecologically dynamic time period. As an extension, my research includes the ways material quality and material availability affect technological organization and degree of tool production and intensification at procurement sites.

Chris Cannon

Education: BS Wildlife Biology (2007) University of Alaska, Fairbanks; MA Northern Studies (2014) University of Alaska, Fairbanks (Thesis: Alaska Athabascan Stellar Astronomy); PhD student
Dissertation Topic: Northern Dene Astronomy
Research Interests: Northern Dene astronomy and culture; environmental cognition; indigenous wayfinding and navigation




Ellen Carrlee

Education: Current PhD candidate cultural anthropology, MA Art History and objects conservation (2000) New York University, BA Art History (1996) University of Wisconsin-Madison
Dissertation Topic: Meaning and Materiality of Gutskin in Yup'ik Relationships 
Research Interests: Material Culture, Museums, Materiality, Yup'ik Culture, Webs of Relationships, Animal Personhood, Agency of Objects



Allison K. Cruz

Education: Current MA student; BA History (2017) University of Alaska Fairbanks; Associates of Art (2010) Marymount California University
Thesis Topic: Animal-Human Relationships in Alaskan Dog Mushing
Research interests: Anthropology of Religion, Spiritual Bonds and Dependency, Victorian Spiritualism, History and Cultures of Death, Ritual Movements


Audra Darcy

Education: Current MA student; BA Anthropology, Minor: Earth Science (2013) University of Maine Orono; Management Certificate (2016) Harvard Extension School
Research interests: Geoarchaeology, hunter-gatherers, human-environment interaction, climate change, peopling of the Americas


Fionna Fadum

Education: Current MA student; BA Anthropology (2018) University of Alaska Fairbanks 
Thesis Topic: Anthropology of Online Fan Communities
Research interests: fandom studies, online anthropology, anthropology of food, and gender/sexuality studies


Della Cassidy Hall

Education: B.S. History, Technology, and Society with minor in French (2011) Georgia Institute of Technology, M.A. History with Museum Studies certificate (2013) University of Delaware, MA student
Research Interests: linguistic anthropology, ethnology, museum studies, material culture, the American West, native cultures, technology, gender


Hilary Hilmer

Education: Current MA student; BA Anthropology and Art History (2013) University of Vermont
Thesis Topic: Faunal Analysis of the Historic Component at Healy Lake Village Site, Interior Alaska
Research interests: Archaeology of the Arctic and Subarctic, faunal analysis, subsistence practices, hunter-gatherers, peopling of the Americas


Casey Jobe

Education: Current MA student; BA Anthropology (2017) University of Alaska Fairbanks
Thesis Topic: Understanding technological organization of mid- to late-Holocene occupation of the Mead site through lithic analysis.
Research interests: Lithic Analysis; GIS and Spatial Patterning; Technological Organization; Hunter-Gatherers; Prehistoric Transitional Phases; Human Behavioral Ecology

Joseph Keeney

Education:  BS Anthropology, BA Geography (GIS focus), BA Philosophy (2012) Central Washington University; MA student
Thesis topic:  Zooarchaeological and lithic analysis of a 6,000 year-old faunal assemblage from Lake Matcharak in Alaska’s Central Brooks Range 
Research Interests: Archaeology of the Arctic and Subarctic; hunter-gatherers; archaeological science; technological variability in Alaska during the Holocene; lithic analysis; faunal analysis; human behavioral ecology; peopling of the Americas; GIS and remote sensing; cartography; philosophy of science
Email: jwkeeney @


Ilona Kemp-Noordeloos

Education: Bachelor of Education (2009) Hogeschool Utrecht The Netherlands; Master of Science (2011) Social and Cultural Anthropology;  PhD student
Thesis: On the Ice Edge: Inupiaq people and climate change in Barrow, Alaska);
Field region:  Alaska's North Slope, Bristol Bay. Ethnic group: Inupiaq and Yup'ik people
Research interests:  Marine anthropology, environmental anthropology, history and culture of Alaska Native people, political ecology, historical ecology, climate change, climate change politics, environmental justice


Shiaki Kondo

Education:  BA International Liberal Studies (2009) Waseda University; MA Literature (2011) Waseda University (Thesis: Shape-Shifting Snakes and Bewitching Cats: Gift-giving, Retaliation, and Marriage between Humans and Animals in Oki District, Shimane Prefecture, Japan); PhD student
Dissertation Topic:  Bird-Lovers in the Boreal Forest: Survival, Reciprocity and Otherness in Upper Kuskokwim Region, Alaska
Research interests: Anthropology of religion, ethno-ornithology, non-human personhood, indigenized Christianity, animal worship, interior Alaska, western Japan
Email: skondo @
Personal website:


Varpu Lotvonen

Education: Current PhD student; MA and BA in Folklore Studies (2012) University of Helsinki
Dissertation topic: Colonial encounters of the Sámi reindeer herders in Alaska and the making of Alaskan pastoral traditions
Research interests: Cultural and visual anthropology, circumpolar North, reindeer herding, colonialism, post-humanistic anthropology, folklore and oral history


Odin Miller

Education: Current MA student; Resilience and Adaptation Program; BA Russian Studies/English (2010) University of Alaska Fairbanks
Thesis Topic: Human-Rangifer relations and community food systems on the western Seward Peninsula, Alaska
Research interests: Food systems, human-animal relations, resilience & adaptation theory, climate change, Just Transition framework


Jo Malbert Narvaez

Education: Current MA student; BS in Geosciences: Geology, minors in Paleontology and Foreign Languages (2017) University of Alaska Fairbanks (2017).
Thesis Topic: Geoarchaeology of South Central Alaska, Lake Clark Dena'ina
Research interests: Geoarchaeology, GIS, Archaeology, behavioral ecology, landscape archaeology


Nick S. Schmuck

Education : BA in History, Classical/Medieval/Renaissance Studies Minor (2010) Messiah College; MA in Medieval Archaeology  (2012) University of York, UK (MA Thesis:  Lost in the Landscape: Where the Dead Reside in Late Iron Age Bornholm); Ph.D. student. Focus: Late Pleistocene/Early Holocene Archaeology of Southeast Alaska)

Research Interests: High latitude archaeology, Landscape Archaeology, behavioral modeling applications in GIS, coastal adaptation and human response to sea-Level change


Dougless Skinner

Education: Current MA student; BA Anthropology (2016) University of Montana
Thesis Topic: Pre-Colonial Activity Systems at Temyiq Tuyuryak: Indigenous Archaeological Approaches to Artifact and Household Analysis
Research interests: Indigenous Theories and Methodologies; Archaeology of the Arctic and Subarctic; Subsistence Practices; Human/Environmental Relationships; Gender Relationships; Decolonizing Academia


Holly Smith

EducationCurrent MA student, BA Archaeology and Anthropology (2010) Wilfrid Laurier University, Ontario
Thesis Topic: Analyzing Human Responses to the Northern White River Ash Eruption through Palynology of 6-Mile Lake and Excavations at the Forty Mile Site
Research Interests: archaeology of the subarctic and arctic, hunter-gatherers, faunal analysis, GIS, archaeological science, pollen analysis, human/environmental interaction, ice-patch archaeology



Tara Palmer Smith

Education: M.Ed. Adult Education, University of Alaska Anchorage; BA French Language & Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language, Portland State University
Dissertation Topic: Adult ESL Teachers' Language Ideologies, Policies, & Practices
Research interests: Language ideologies, language policies, language & identity



Lisa Strecker

Education:  MA University of Hamburg, Germany (Thesis: Ethnobotany of Kamchatka); PhD student
Dissertation topic:  Northern adaptations in Kamchatka: fishing for sled dogs or fishing for snow-machines?
Research interests: ethnoecology, sled dog husbandry in the Arctic, ethnohistory, historical scientific accounts of the Russian Far East, ethnobotany, invasion biology
Email: lstrecker @


Rachel Melinda Turner

Education: Current PhD student; MS Child Development (2016) University of California, Davis; MSW (2011) Humboldt State University; Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Communication (2004) University of California, Davis
Dissertation Topic: Gendered and Cultured Expressions of Emotional Distress
Research interests: Anthropology of Gender, Anthropology of Suicide, Colonization,
Masculinity, Cross-Cultural Psychiatry, Global Mental Health, Critical Medical Anthropology


Erica McCall Valentine

Education: Current PhD student; MS Environmental Policy (2002) The Australian National University, Canberra, ACT, Australia; BS Anthropology (1999) University of Alaska Fairbanks
Dissertation topic: Defining "community" in community-based resource management regimes
Research interests: Socio-cultural anthropology, applied anthropology, resource management, co-production of science/knowledge, cooperative management of natural resources, political ecology, resilience theory, common property theory.


Lynn Walker

Education: BA Anthropology (2013) Alma College; MRes Social Anthropology (2014) University of Aberdeen; Museum Studies Certificate (2016) Tufts University; PhD student
Research Interests: museum anthropology; material culture; colonialism; Alutiiq/Sugpiaq weaving/basketry; museum discourse and experience
Email: lawalker5 @


Jonah Yakunin

Education: Current MA student; BA Fisheries (2018) University of Alaska Fairbanks
Thesis Topic: The changes in the culture of the Russian Old Believers in Alaska from involvement with Alaska's commercial fisheries. How a culture whose primary purpose of escape to Alaska was to avoid assimilation but became entrenched in the fishing industry and thriving because of it. At the present, the Russian Old Believer community in the Kenai Peninsula has become synonymous with fishing.
Research interests: Ethnohistory; fisheries; folklore; history; Russian culture; and theology


Eduard Zdor

Education: Current PhD student; Diploma Degree (History), Moscow University for the Humanities 
Dissertation Topic: A hundred years after Bogoras: an indigenous Marxist perspective on the post-Soviet Chukchi
Research interests: The history and culture of the Bering Strait Region indigenous people; subsistence-oriented knowledge of the Arctic indigenous people; the correlation between traditional subsistence, language, and the identity of the Arctic indigenous people

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