Sveta Yamin-Pasternak

Phone: 907-474-6188
Office: 305B Bunnell Building

Research areas

Food and culture, ethnomycology, aesthetics, Circumpolar North, contemporary art, gender, post-Soviet studies


Department of Anthropology, Institute of Northern Engineering, UAF

As a cultural anthropologist interested in how human food practices in high latitude regions interact with the local climate, built environment, ecology, and aesthetics, I work in communities around Alaska and Russian Far East, and with scholars in the fields of humanities, natural sciences, and engineering. After completing my PhD dissertation in 2007, with a focus on ethnomycology in the Bering Strait, I continued to study anthropology of food in the course of two postdoctoral appointments, first as a National Science Foundation Polar Research Fellow at Johns Hopkins University and later at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Institute of Northern Engineering. I currently lead several interdisciplinary projects at the Institute of Northern Engineering and teach a broad range of courses at the UAF Department of Anthropology. The graduate and undergraduate students I mentor at UAF conduct research on questions related to foraging, identity, post-Soviet transitions, cookery, expressive culture, and contemporary art. .


  • Individual, Culture, and Society (ANTH100X)
  • Fundamentals of Cultural Anthropology (ANTH 215)
  • Culture and Global Issues (ANTH 245)
  • Ethnography of Siberia (ANTH 302)
  • Ethnomycology (EBOT/ANTH 393), team-taught with Igor Pasternak
  • Anthropology of Art (ANTH/ART 402/602), team-taught with Igor Pasternak
  • Economic Anthropology (ANTH 446/646)
  • Gender in Cross-cultural Perspectives (ANTH/WGN 445/446)
  • Food and Culture Seminar (ANTH 402/602)
  • Structures of Anthropological Argument (ANTH 629)


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