Sveta Yamin-Pasternak

Phone: 907-474-6188
Office: 305B Bunnell Building

Research areas: Food and culture, ethnomycology, aesthetics, Circumpolar North, contemporary art, gender, post-Soviet studies

Affiliations: Department of Anthropology, Institute of Northern Engineering, UAF

As a cultural anthropologist interested in how human food practices in high latitude regions interact with the local climate, built environment, ecology, and aesthetics, I work in communities around Alaska and Russian Far East, and with scholars in the fields of humanities, natural sciences, and engineering. After completing my PhD dissertation in 2007, with a focus on ethnomycology in the Bering Strait, I continued to study anthropology of food in the course of two postdoctoral appointments, first as a National Science Foundation Polar Research Fellow at Johns Hopkins University and later at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Institute of Northern Engineering. I currently lead several interdisciplinary projects at the Institute of Northern Engineering and teach a broad range of courses at the UAF Department of Anthropology. The graduate and undergraduate students I mentor at UAF conduct research on questions related to foraging, identity, post-Soviet transitions, cookery, expressive culture, and contemporary art..


Individual, Culture, and Society (ANTH100X)

Fundamentals of Cultural Anthropology (ANTH 215)

Culture and Global Issues (ANTH 245)

Ethnography of Siberia (ANTH 302)

Ethnomycology (EBOT/ANTH 393), team-taught with Igor Pasternak

Anthropology of Art (ANTH/ART 402/602), team-taught with Igor Pasternak

Economic Anthropology (ANTH 446/646)

Gender in Cross-cultural Perspectives (ANTH/WGN 445/446)

Food and Culture Seminar (ANTH 402/602)

Structures of Anthropological Argument (ANTH 629)


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