Jamie L. Clark. Associate Professor; PhD (Anthropology) University of Michigan, 2009. Paleolithic archaeology, modern human origins, hunter-gatherer lifeways, zooarchaeology. Southern Africa and the Near East.
On sabbatical AY 2018-19
Office: 312 Bunnell
Phone: 907-474-5911
E-mail: jlclark7 @ alaska.edu


Elaine DrewAssistant Professor; PhD (Anthropology) University of Kentucky, 2004. Culturally-based health promotion and intervention research with AI/AN, Latino, and African-American communities; mixed methods research; research ethics review processes (institutional & community-based).
Office: 307C Bunnell
Phone:  907-474-6758
E-mail: emdrew @ alaska.edu


Brian Hemphill. Associate Professor; PhD (Anthropology), University of Oregon, 1991. Dental Morphology, Odontometrics, Dental Pathology, Skeletal Biology, Biological Distance Analysis, Bioarchaeology, Human Evolution, South Asia, Central Asia, Great Basin, Northwest Coast
Office: 401 Bunnell
Phone: 907-474-6755
Email: bhemphill @ alaska.edu


Kara C. Hoover (on sabbatical 2017-2018 academic year). Associate Professor (Associated Faculty, Chemistry and Biochemistry); PhD (anthropology) Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 2001. Evolutionary genetics & biology of olfaction, olfactory functioning in reconstructed hominin receptors, paleo-population biology (diet, nutrition, developmental stress), hunter-gatherers, Japan, UK, Eurasia. Office:404 Bunnell
Phone: 907-474-6110
Email: kchoover @ alaska.edu


David C. Koester. Professor; PhD (Anthropology) University of Chicago, 1990. Culture and history, historical and national consciousness; anthropological study of insult and discursive manipulation of status; early history of ethnography; energy concepts and discourse; Iceland, Russian Far East, North Pacific, circumpolar.

Office: 307B Bunnell
Phone: 907-474-7133
E-mail: dckoester @ alaska.edu


Patrick Plattet. Associate Professor; PhD (Anthropology), University of Neuchâtel (Switzerland), École Pratiques des Hautes Études (Paris/Sorbonne, France), 2005. Cultural anthropology, ritual change, subsistence-oriented rituals and games, reindeer herding (past and present), cultural resources documentation, ethnohistory, eLearning for ethnography, Kamchatka/Alaska
Office: 307D Bunnell
Phone: 907-474-6608
E-mail: pplattet @ alaska.edu


Sveta Yamin-Pasternak, PhD (Anthropology), University of Alaska Fairbanks, 2007. Food and culture, ethnomycology, aesthetics, Circumpolar North, contemporary art, gender, post-Soviet studies
Office: 305B Bunnell
Phone: 907-474-6188
Email: syamin@alaska.edu


Ben A. Potter. Chair & Professor; PhD (anthropology), University of Alaska Fairbanks, 2005. Subarctic and Arctic archaeology; intersite variability; site structure and organization; human-environment interactions; field survey and excavation; cultural resource management; lithic and faunal analyses; geographic information systems.
Office: 308 Bunnell
Phone: 907-474-7567
Email: bapotter @ alaska.edu


Joshua D. ReutherAssistant Professor/Curator of Archaeology, University of Alaska Museum of the North; PhD (Anthropology), University of Arizona, 2013. Subarctic and arctic archaeology; geoarchaeology; geochronology; hunter-gatherer ecology; archaeological science; museum studies; cultural resources management.
Office: 042 Museum of the North
Phone: 907-474-6945
Email: jreuther @ alaska.edu


Robin A. ShoapsAssistant Professor; PhD (Linguistics), University of California, Santa Barbara, 2004. Linguistic anthropology, anthropology of Christianity, discourse analysis, self and subjectivity, ethnography of moralities, indigenous languages and cultures; Mesoamerica and the United States
Office: 305B Bunnell
E-mail: rashoaps @ alaska.edu

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