Emeritus faculty

Charlotte Basham

Associate Professor; PhD (linguistics), University of Michigan, 1986. Discourse analysis, second language acquisition, and contrastive rhetoric.
Phone: 907-474-6884;
Email: ffcsb @ uaf.edu

Joel D. Irish

Professor, Curator of Biological Anthropology at the UA Museum; Ph.D. (biological anthropology), Arizona State University, 1993. Dental anthropology, paleopathology, human osteology, human variation, bioarchaeology; Africa, Southeast Alaska.
Phone: 907-474-6755
Email: jdirish @ alaska.edu

David C. Koester

Professor; PhD, University of Chicago, 1990. Culture and history, historical and national consciousness; anthropological study of insult and discursive manipulation of status; early history of ethnography; energy concepts and discourse; Iceland, Russian Far East, North Pacific, circumpolar.
Phone: 907-474-6188

Molly Lee

Professor, Curator of Ethnology at the UA Museum; Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley, 1992. Sociocultural anthropology, Native Alaskan, Eskimo and Inuit art of the historical and contemporary periods.
Phone: 907-474-7828
Email: ffmcl @ uaf.edu

Phyllis Morrow

(Former Dean of the College of Liberal Arts), Professor; Ph.D. (social and cultural anthropology), Cornell University, 1987. Linguistic anthropology, socio-legal studies, folklore, Inuit/Yup'ik ethnography, and ritual and symbolism.

Peter P. Schweitzer

Professor; Ph.D. (anthropology), University of Vienna, 1990. Kinship, Social Organization and Identity Politics; Global Climate Change and Northern Indigenous Communities; Contemporary Hunting and Gathering Societies; History of Anthropological Theory; Methods of Historical Anthropology; Siberia, Alaska, Circumpolar North.
Phone: 907-474-5015;
Email: ppschweitzer @ alaska.edu

In Memorium

Patricia B. Kwachka

Professor; Ph.D. (linguistics), University of Florida Gainesville, 1981. Sociolinguistics, language acquisition, language shift, and medical communication. (Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts)