Affiliate Faculty

Nancy Bigelow, Affiliate Research Professor; PhD (paleoecology) University of Alaska Fairbanks,1997. Research Associate, Alaska Quaternary Center, University of Alaska Fairbanks. Quaternary paleoecology, palynology, Beringian environments

Courtney Carothers , Assistant Professor of Fisheries; Ph.D. (anthropology) University of Washington, 2008. Environmental anthropology, political ecology, marine policy, fishing communities.  

Carrin Halffman , Affiliate Research Assistant  Professor, PhD (anthropology). University of Alaska Fairbanks, 2009. Biological anthropology, bone stable isotope analysis, past human diet, archaeological toxicology, Arctic and sub-Arctic populations. Email: cmhalffman @

Anne M. Jensen,  Affiliate Research  Assistant  Professor.  PhD (anthropology), Bryn Mawr College, 2009. Long-term ecodynamics of socio-natural systems in Arctic and subarctic environments, coastal adaptations, global change effects on the archaeological and paleoecological record, zooarchaeology, community archaeology

Patty A. Gray, Affiliate Associate Professor; PhD (cultural anthropology), University of Wisconsin at Madison, 1998. Political and economic anthropology, social movements, transformation in post-Soviet rural communities, reindeer herding systems; rural European Russia, Russian Far North, Alaska.

Charles E. Holmes, Affiliate Research Professor; Ph.D. (anthropology) Washington State University, 1984. Beringian archaeology, Subarctic cultural adaptations, Athabascan archaeology, lithic analysis. Email: charles.holmes @

Amber Lincoln, Curator: Americas, British Museum, London. PhD (Anthropology), University of Aberdeen, 2011. Northern anthropology, material culture, ethnohistory and phenomenology. email:

David Alexander Lukaszek, Affiliate Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Ph.D. (Anthropology) University of Alaska Fairbanks, 2017. Biological Anthropology, Osteology, Biomechanics, Evolutionary Theory, Fossil Hominins, Taxonomy, and Epistemology. Email: Phone: 716-359-1204. Web:

Michael Koskey, Assistant Professor of Alaska Native Studies, Ph.D. (anthropology) University of Alaska Fairbanks, 2003. Office: 307 Brooks Bldg., Phone: 474-6604; 
E-mail: mike.koskey @

Robin O. Mills, Affiliate Assistant Professor; PhD (anthropology), University of Alaska Fairbanks, 1998. Fairbanks District Archaeologist, Bureau of Land Management. Historical archaeology, mining history, cultural resource management.

Richard Nelson, Affiliate Research Professor; PhD (anthropology), University of California, Santa Barbara. Indigenous cultures of Alaska, author and natural historian.

Diane O’Brien, Assistant Associate Professor, Institute for Arctic Biology/Department of Biology and Wildlife. PhD (ecology and evolutionary biology), Princeton University, 1998. Stable isotope ecology, nutritional physiology of insects; understanding patterns of stable isotope variation among biological compounds. 

Rosemarie Plaetke, Affiliate Associate Professor; PhD (statistical genetics), Free University Berlin, Germany 1986. Human genetics - focus on type 2 diabetes and complications, genetic epidemiology - focus on statistics and bioinformatics , genetics of behavior - focus on development of phenotypes for genetic studies, biostatistics. Phone: 907-750-5375. Email: rplaetke @  

Kerrie-Ann Shannon, Affiliate Assistant Research Professor; PhD (anthropology), University of Aberdeen, Northern anthropology.

William Schneider, Emeritus Professor of Library Science; Ph.D. (anthropology) Bryn Mawr College, 1976. Phone: 907-474-5355. 

Anne D. Shinkwin, Affiliate Professor; PhD (anthropology), University of Wisconsin, 1975. Northern anthropology.

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