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Format: paper

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ISBN: 1-978-55500-100-1

Date: 2009

Benhti Kokht'ana Kenaga' (Minto Lower Tanana Athabascan Pocket Dictionary) (large size)

by Tuttle, Siri

Benhti Kokht'ana Kenaga' is the name the Minto elders chose for the title of this book. It emphasizes the fact that the Minto dialect of Lower Tanana Athabascan is the language of the area's people -- benhti, "among the lakes," kokht'ana "people." Although the name for Minto may be pronounced Benhti or Menhti, the word benh in the book's title is to be taken as the word for 'lake,' and not part of the name for Minto Village. Benhti Kokht'ana Kenaga' is more than the language of a single village, even though it is spoken only in Minto now. Available in two sizes. Includes bibliography.

Language: Lower Tanana (TN12)

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