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ISBN: 978-1-55500-091-2

Date: 2013 (first published 2007)

Dena'ina Topical Dictionary

by Kari, James

This is a topical dictionary of one of the world's most geographically separate language areas -- the Dena'ina Athabascan language of Cook Inlet Basin and the southern Alaska Range. These vocabulary lists offer a panoramic view of the cultural and ecological concepts of the Dena'ina. In terms of breadth of subjects, technical specificity and dialect coverage, this is the most refined topical lexicon for an Alaska Native language as well as for a language of the Athabascan family. More than a hundred Den'aina speakers contributed words to the book. Many chapters have been reviewed by specialists in natural history or ethnology, and numerous sets of words are presented with illustrations and labeled diagrams. Revised in 2013 with some new definitions and historical photos. A goal for this book has been to position the Dena'ina topical materials at the intersection of ethnology and linguistics. Includes photos, maps, bibliography, and index.

Language: Dena'ina (TA31)

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