Tanacross Learners' Dictionary

artwork by Gary John
Tanacross Learners' Dictionary

compiled by
Irene Solomon Arnold, Gary Holton, and Rick Thoman

Tanacross Learners' Dictionary

The Tanacross Learners' Dictionary is intended as a reference for anyone wanting to learn the spoken language. Words are organized by English headword. The subject matter and the level of complexity are varied enough to make the dictionary a useful resource for a wide range of users: from people who know nothing of the language to people know some words and phrases or have heard the language being spoken by their parents or grandparents.

The Tanacross Learners' Dictionary is a community based project. Many of the Tanacross words and example sentences include audio recordings which illustrate pronunciation. However, some of words included here may be pronounced differently by different speakers, and there is often more than one way to say something. Some of these differences are included in the dictionary, but vocabulary in the dictionary should not be considered to be the only correct way to say something.

The online version of this dictionary represents a preliminary version current as of 2006. The print version of the dictionary, published in 2009, can be ordered from ANLC. The authors can be contacted via gmholton [@] alaska.edu.

The online dictionary can still be accessed at the Alaska Native Knowledge Network.

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Please cite as: Arnold, Irene, Gary Holton & Rick Thoman. 2006. The Tanacross Learners' Dictionary (prelimnary version). Fairbanks: Alaska Native Language Center.

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