Lifetime members

The following people are UAFAA lifetime members

Donald and Lois Abel

Phyllis and Larry Adams

Ute Adolphs and Bernhard Rabus

George E. Aiken

Marilyn and Irvin Ailes

Thomas and Mary Albanese

Margaret E. Ambrose

Jamal A. Ansari

Patrick Anteau and Jennifer McAvoy-Anteau

Marsha and Richard Armstrong

Robert Arnold

Kevin and Patrice Auld

Dawn and Wade Babcock

Scott and Molly Bailie

Steven T. Bainbridge

James Balko and Kathleen Kohler-Balko

Douglas and Donna Baum

Joseph and Barbara Beedle

Ralph and Peggy Beistline

Laura and Gary Bender

Patricia L. Bergdahl, D.M.D.

George and Sally Berry

Hara Biesiot-Hansen and Daniel Hansen

Chris and Pam Birch

Tyler and Yvette Birkholz

Billie and Randy Blanchard

Edwin and Lyn Bleiler

Douglas and Cindy Bloom

Jodi R. Bonacci

Thor O. Borjesson

Daniel Brophy and Leah Bott

Brent Bowman

Joan and Douglas Braddock

Janet A. Bradner

Donna and Mark Brady

Wolfgang H. Braun

Jonathan and Aisha Bray

James and Gladys Brown

Billy G. Brown, Jr.

Neal Brown and Frances Tannian

Roy and Susan Browning

Brian and Amber Brubaker

Pamela J. Buckway

Mirian and Bruce Buffmire

Robert and Joan Bundtzen

Linda and Robert Bursiel

Charlie and Denise Busby

Randy and Daniel Busch

Bobette D. Bush

Arthur S. Buswell

Judy and James Cabe

Donald and Carol Callahan

Carol and Donald Callahan

Howard and Teresa Cameron

Meredith M. Cameron

Claire E. Cappel, D.O.

Leigh and Forrest Carlson

Carol Carlson and Michael Hawker

Edward J. Carlson

Regina Carolan and Mike Vivion

Lenora and Gerald Carpluk

Nelson J. Carpluk

Mary Beth and Michael Carter

Patrick D. Church

Martha and Christopher Clark

Dale V. Clark

Edwin Clarke and Jane Letteney

Karen and Stephen Clautice

Tania H. Clucas

Casey R. Cockerham

William Coghill

Terrence Cole and Eugenia Salisbury

Elizabeth Congdon-McGee and Steven McGee

Ann Cook and Gregory Thies

Roy Corral

Ronald F. Cosgrave

Edward M. Cox

Gerald S. Crocker, Jr.

Richard and Karen Cross

Richard and Ann Cross

James and Susan Culley

Sylvia R. Curran

Shari L. Daugherty

Linda Schandelmeier and John Davies

Thomas and Rosemarie Davis

Leonard and Renee Demaray

Valerie A. Demming

Steve and Helen Denton

Tamy and Robert Devine

Donna L. Dinsmore

Carl and Judy Divinyi

James Dixon and Barbara Day

James and Kathleen Dodson

Robin Dodson

Linda J. Dolney

Roger and Patricia Dombrowski

Wayne and Alicia Don

Kimberly and Harry Douglas

Sandra L. Doyle

Galen R. Dreis

Nancy and David Dreydoppel

Robert E. Dryden, P.E.

Joseph P. Dudley

Larry and Gerrie Duffy

Brenda E. Dumas

Michael and Shelley Dykema

Peter and Robin Eagan

Allan and Janet Eckle

Gene Eidem

Mark and Constance Espe

Michael Everette and Sharon McLeod-Everette

Ervon E. Fairbanks

Virginia N. Farmier

Dale and Janie Feist

Mary P. Fenlon

Richard and Belinda Fischer

Diane and John Fleming

Jack and Jillian Fletcher

Jack Fletcher and Jillian Swope-Fletcher

Deborah and Daniel Flodin

Hanna and Ronald Flodin

Earl L. Fosse

Gerald and Geraldine Foster

Dale and Lynette Fox

Bert and Jean Fraleigh

Richard and Marsha Francisco

Georgianne and Randall Frank

Gene and Hilary Freeman

Bobby L. Gaddis

Yvette R. Galdraith

Peter E. Galli

Christy L. Garrett

Dolores A. Garza

David and Jana Geesin

Leslie A. Glasgow

Leonard Goldstein

Deborah and Ulises Gonzalez

Eric and Mary Jo Grabber

Ronald and Fan Graham

Warren L. Griese

James and Marilynn Griffin

Karleen and Roger Grummett

Martin Haley

David L. Halverson

Mark and Patty Hamilton

Kyle W. Hammond

Sara Hannan and Mark Stopha

Nancy A. Hanson

Savannah and Darroll Hargraves

Harry and Jeanne Harker

Lonnie and Mary Hatman

Joe L. Hayes, Jr.

Constance Hayes and Edward Lewison

Eileen and Thomas Head

R. Alan and Shawn Head

George Hearin and Shelly Brown

Ian M. Hebert

Isaac Hebert and Stephanie Ramirez

John E. Hébert

Lorena and Ian Hegdal

Brenda L. Hewitt

Melanie and Larry Hinzman

Maxwell and Nanette Hobson

Maureen and Dennis Holden

Patricia S. Holloway

Lorretta Holloway and James Nedele

William and Eugenia Holman

Percy and Eleanor Houts

Frances M. Hove

Brian Hove and Marilyn Romano

Anne and Douglas Huber

Paul and Birgit Hunter

Joan and John Hurlbut

Karen and John Immel

Patricia M. Ivey

Jeffrey J. Jacobson

Peggy J. Jasperson

Cathryn M. Jelinek

Viveca L. Johnson

Mary and James Johnson

Eric and Gail Johnson

M Johnson and Judith James

James and Gwenetta Johnson

Sue and Gregory Johnson

Wayne T. Jones

G. Taylor and Dianne Jones

Janet and Donley Jones

Eric A. Jozwiak

Laura G. Kafka

Phillip E. Kairaiuak

David B. Kalita

Kenneth and Laura Karstens

Judith and Michael Kelliher

Karleen Kennedy

Keith and Cathy Kennedy

Walter and Marcia Keyes

William and Cheryl Kilgore

Matthew D. Kissinger

Lani J. Klebesadel

William S. Klebesadel

David R. Klein

James Klein

Cynthia M. Klepaski

Eric and Rebecca Klingler

Ruth Knapman and Larry Knapman

John D. Knoke

Kenneth and Kelley Knox

Danita and Tim Koehler

Carol and Darrell Korman

Leon J. Kotsch

Hollie and Carlson Koyukuk

Michael J. Kramer

Jo Kuchle and Eugene Therriault

Jacquelin Ladner

Connie L. Lamb

Herbert and Marianne Lang

Albert Lanstra and Lois Hildenbrand

Kenneth R. Larimore

Mary Jane and Douglas Larson

Bill LaRue

Trent and Bonnie Latshaw

Kathy-Jean and Jay Lavoie

Sheri and Andre Layral

P. Andre' and Sheri Layral

Klaudia and Michael Leccese

John S. Lee

Arthur D. Leon

Nels and Elizabeth Leutwiler

Edward Lewison and Constance Hayes

Edward and Susan Lilley

Ronald and Val Lind

Billijo M. Link

John Lowe

Teresa M. Lowe

Anne E. Luick

Margo and Richard Lund

Jane N. MacKinnon

Matthew and Kristin Maguire

Suzette and Patrick Mailloux

Leo and Beverly Mark-Anthony

Dennis Long and Barbara Martin

Frank W. Matulich

Lou Anne A. Maxwell

Frank and D.A. McGilvary

Susan I. McHenry

Nora J. McIntyre

Patrick McKenna and Tonya McKenna Trabant

Ginger and Sean McKenzie

Elizabeth and Allen McNab

C. Peter McRoy and Carla Helfferich

Dorli McWayne and Kesler Woodward

Donald C. Meares

Daniel R. Mellon

Jim A. Menard

William and Nancy Mendenhall

William H. Mendenhall

Erik Jacobsen and Karen Menne-Jacobsen

Paul and Marie Metz

John E. Miller

Dona Snow-Miller and James Miller

James and Barbara Miller

Karen F. Miller

Derek E. Miller

Richard and Kathleen Millison

Robb and Michelle Milne

Bob and Heather Mitchell

Merritt and Elizabeth Mitchell

Mark Moldwin and Patricia Hogan

Carlos G. Molina Bernazar

Thomas and Teresa Moll

Raymond and Paula Morgan

Christopher L. Morgan

George A. Morse

Michele A. Mouton

William and Isabelle Mudd

Marta R. Mueller

Dinah A. Naske

Joseph A. Nava, Jr.

Valerie Nava

Anthony and Dawn Nelson

Margaret and Brad Nelson

Carolyn and David Nethken

Dirk and Amy Nielsen

Barbara and Keith Nore

Kathleen Norris

Debra and David Norum

Kelley A. Oberhart

Leo and Darcel Obermiller

Janice R. Ogle

Takeshi and Kumiko Ohtake

Lucille F. Olsen

Patrick and Sandra O'Neill

Maureen A. O'Neill

Patrick J. Osborne

Wendell Oswalt

John Owens

John and Karin Owens

Audrey E. Parker

Stephen and Susan Paskvan

Theodore and Katherine Paskvan

Shirish and Anjali Patil

John and Belinda Patrick

Patricia L. Peck

Charles A. Peep

Cathy and Kenneth Persinger

Oliver Peterson

Juli Philibert and Doug Stockdale

Walter and Gail Phillips

Patricia A. Phillips

William and Marsha Pike

Peter P. Pinney

Randall and Pat Pitney

Ann Pittman and Robert Quillin

Robert and Roseann Platt

George and Chris Plumley

Michael and Peggy Pollen

John C. "Jake" and Janice Poole

Lance and Maria Porter

Wallace D. Powers

Elaine and Dave Pretz

James D. Pruitt

Brian T. Rasley

Louis and Ann Reebs

Nancy and Terry Reece

Pamela B. Reed

Whitham and Karen Reeve

Susan L. Regan

Daniel E. Renshaw

Joan and John Rezek

Peter and Donna Rhymer

Cody and Lauren Rice

Barbara and Norman Richards

Jeffery and Sherilyn Roach

James and Ann Roessler

Brian Rogers and Sherry Modrow

Leslie and Juliana Rogers

Cynthia B. Roland

Bruce and Karina Rossi

Bess A. Rounds

Edward J. Ruckstuhl

Pamela M. Rule

Mark A. Runion

Sylvia and Ronald Ruscett

Marian L. Ruth

Cynthia and Darin Ryding

John W. Ryer

Albert R. Samsa, Jr.

Timothy and Laurel Sands

Grace Berg Schaible

Rick and Cheryl Schikora

Sherri L. Schleiter

LeeAnn B. Schlotfeldt

Walter and Katherine Schlotfeldt

Angela Schmidt and Chris Miller

Patricia M. Schmidt

Teresa and Eric Schneider

Rose Schreier Welton

Jennifer and Gerry Schulke

Joanne Schust

Harold G. Schuster

David Schutt

Julia R. Scott

Irene M. Seavy

Richard and Patricia Seifert

Jacquelyn L. Serrano

Thomas and Sharyn Sexton

Michael and Evelyn Sfraga

Therese and Timothy Sharp

Lorna and Kelly Shaw

Harris W. Shelton

Judith and Wendell Shiffler

Steven E. Sinai

Ronald and Marian Skoog

Joe C. Sledge

Eleanor R. Smith

Kimberly A. Smith

Paul and Karla Smith

Michael and Gloria Snowden

David and Carolyn Soderlund

Lisa E. Sporleder

Susan and Rodney Stanton

John and Regina Stauff

Joshua C. Steadman

Michael and Pamelia Steiger

Cynthia and Charles Steiner

Scott A. Sterling

Joseph A. Sternola

Charles and Kristine Stevenson

Lawrence and Elizabeth Stinson

The Stinson Family

Richard and Marionette Stock

Ann Stone

Frances A. Stone

Gretchen and Glen Straatsma

Emiko S. Strandberg

James S. Strandberg

Janice M. Stritzinger

Judith and Dietrich Strohmaier

Julie and Terry Stromer

Henry and Alicia Stroup

David G. Summerfeldt, Sr.

Marvin and Julieanne Super

Janice E. Sykes

Dean E. Syta

See-Kwan K. Tan

Gregory S. Tang

Scott Taylor

Janet and Scott Taylor

Dorothea M. Taylor, Ed.D.

Robert and Sharon Taylor

Robert and Virginia Taylor

Eric Taylor and Frances Mann

Darlene A. Taylor-Bishop

Eugene and Jo Therriault

Laura M. Therriault

Bertrand and Marylene Theuveny

Dana and Kay Thomas

Carolyn and Andrew Thomas

Terry and Meeta Thomas

Sonja M. Thomas

David and Joani Thompsen

Deanna and Scott Thompson

Thomas B. Thornburg

Kelly C. Thrun

David J. Thurman

Debbie and Timothy Tilsworth

Jacqueline and Michael Tinker

Ann M. Tremarello

Renee F. Tunley

Marjorie A. Turner

Joseph E. Usibelli and Peggy Shumaker

Joe and Marilyn Usibelli

Leo and Sue Valdrow

Margaret R. Van Cleve

Peter and Erika Van Flein

Jeremy and Kristin Vermilyea

Nell A. Wagoner

Norman Wagoner and Miriam Cortes

Kerry D. Walley

Daniel Walsh and Sandy Vincent Walsh

Kevin and Linda Walsh

Michael Walsh and Mahla Strohmaier

Howard and Barbara Walters

Arlene and Fred Walters

Marilyn and Martin Walther

Nevada R. Walton

Jack Adams and Joanna Wassillie

Helga and Bill Watterson

Suzanne L. Waugaman

Kenneth and Carrie Weaver

George and Janelle Weaver

Glen and Laura Weaver

Karen E. Weber

Kathleen L. Wedemeyer

Cristine A. Weisbecker

Erika M. Weld

Erik S. Welle-Strand, Jr.

Cynthia J. Wentworth

Liam Wescott

George and Janice White

Andrew D. White

Mary and Gary Whiteley

George and Rosalie Whyel

Gina and Vince Wickwar

Thomas and Janice Wickwire

Sally and Richard Wien

Walter and Yelizaveta Wilcox

Marshall and Vivian Wiley

Susan and Gary Wilken

Susan M. Will

Dwight Scott Williams and Carol Colp

Helen K. Williams

Michael Wilson and Mateo Banggiacan

Glenna J. Wood

Catherine and John Wood

Christian Wood and Terese Carr

Thomas C. Woodruff

David J. Wreggit

Gregory and Barbara Wyman

Allyn and Susan Yanish

Jianjun Yin

Curt and Shelly Youngberg

Phil Younker

* In addition, the Alumni Association has 40 additional Lifetime members who wish to remain anonymous. We honor and thank them as well.

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