Western Pantar Lexicon

The documentation of the Western Pantar lexicon is a work-in-progress. As of June 2008 three versions of the lexicon are available.

  • A tri-lingual Western Pantar - Indonesian - English electronic verion compiled using Lexique Pro, which may be accessed directly online or downloaded as a stand-alone Lexique Pro package. (Updated 1 June 2008)
  • A bi-lingual Bahasa Pantar Barat - Bahasa Indonesia print version, with introduction in Indonesian, published June 2008 by UBB-GMIT Kupang. (ISBN 978-1-86892-596-4)
  • A tri-lingual Western Pantar - Indonesian - English print version, with introduction in Indonesian, distributed online and in limited copies in July 2007. This version is superceded by those above.

A bilingual Western Pantar - English version of the lexicon with English introduction will appear as part of the forthcoming publication, A Grammar of Western Pantar.


Lexique Pro

The electronic version of the dictionary was complied from Toolbox data files using the Lexique Pro program. The lexicon is available in two formats: a web-based version which uses frame-based navigation, and a stand-alone program which requires installtion (Windows platform only :( ). The web-based version is not entirely reliable using the Mozilla Firefox web browser but seems to work fine using Safari on Mac or Internet Explorer with Windows. The content is essentially the same in both versions except that the stand-alone version includes links to sound files (only about 150 sound clips have been linked so far), while the web-version does not (yet) contain sound files.


Print Version

WP dictionary cover

A reasonable facsimile of the version published with UBB-GMIT in 2008 is available here for download as a pdf file in A5 format. There are some differences in page numbering from the printed version, but the content is essentially the same. The text is entirely in Indonesian.

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