Over the past decade grammatical descriptions have been completed for several Alor-Pantar languages, appearing either as published monographs or as doctoral dissertations.

Language Author Year Publisher Link 
Abui  František Kratochvíl  2007  U. Leiden Ph.D. dissertation  
Adang  John Haan  2001  U. Sydney Ph.D. dissertation  download  
Klon  Louise Baird  2008  Pacific Linguistics  PL 596  
Teiwa  Marian Klamer  2010  Mouton  purchase  

Grammars are currently being compiled for the following languages:

Language Author 
Blagar  Laura Robinson  
Kamang  Antoinette Schapper  
Kula  Nick   
Sawila  František Kratochvíl  
Western Pantar (Lamma)  Gary Holton  
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