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You were most likely admitted as a General Studies student if you were not ready to declare a major. 

Incoming students are not required to choose a degree program and have the option of choosing general studies - undeclared. You are advised by the Academic Advising Center and will work with your assigned advisor on transitioning into a declared major when you are ready to do so .

Being a General Studies student does satisfy the degree-seeking requirements for financial aid purposes.

**Students receiving GI assistance or veterans’ benefits may be required to change to a declared major to keep their benefits award. 

Anyone can take classes at UAF. There are no GPA or transcript requirements to be a non-degree seeking student, however some courses require prerequisite coursework or test scores in order to enroll. Please visit the registration page to sign-up for a class.

(Non-degree seeking students are not eligible for financial aid.)

If you have not met the minimum requirements for admission to a baccalaureate degree program you will be admitted as a  pre-major in general studies. 

You will change to major status when you are in good standing and have completed 14 credits at the 100 level or above with a C (2.0) average or higher; 9 of the 14 credits must satisfy the general education requirements.

Pre-professional advising provides information about groundwork for admission to a specific graduate program or professional school. Most professional schools do not require a specific major for admission to their program. However, many courses may be required before admittance into the program, so a student must research admissions requirements carefully.

The Academic Advising Center (907-474-6396, uaf.advising@alaska.edu) provides academic advising for all pre-professional areas. The Biology and Wildlife Department and the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry provide additional academic advising for the medical, dental, pharmacy, veterinary and allied health pre-professional programs. The Justice Department provides academic advising for law pre-professional programs.

North Star Middle College is a middle college partnership with Fairbanks North Star Borough School District and  UAF.  Participating students will have the opportunity to earn 7 - 15 transcripted, college credits that will apply towards FNSBSD graduation requirements!

A district school counselor and a university academic advisor will work together to help students select appropriate classes.

For more information on how to apply-

Minimum Requirements

If you are interested in applying for an academic exchange or study abroad program through UAF you must fulfill the following minimum requirements. 
An interested student must:
  • Be a degree-seeking student at UAF (working towards a Certificate, Associates, Bachelor's, Master's, or PhD, for example; you do not need to have a declared major)
  • Complete at least 2 full-time semesters at UAF before the first semester away (full-time is 12 credits per semester)
  • Be enrolled full-time at UAF the semester before your study away program
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 when application is due
  • Have a minimum 2.5 semester GPA the semester before your study away program
  • Good academic, behavioral, and financial standing at UAF
  • No Incomplete (I) grades on transcript
Note:  Specific programs may have other requirements, such as a higher GPA or specific language proficiency requirements. The requirements listed are the minimum requirements for being accepted by UAF for a study away experience.  Once accepted by UAF, you must also apply and be accepted by the host school or organization.  Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance into a study away program.

In addition, if you no longer meet the minimum requirements the semester before your program starts, you will no longer be eligible or able to participate in the study away program.
Please see the Study Abroad Website for more details or make an appointment with our Study Away advisordirectly.

Undergraduate Academic Disqualification  Academic Disqualification is the status assigned to those undergraduate students who begin a semester on academic probation (including students admitted on probation for that term) or are continuing on probation and fail to earn a semester GPA of 2.0 or higher. Academically disqualified students are ineligible for most types of financial aid.

The student’s program will be changed to inactive and the student will not be allowed to attend UAF for one academic (fall or spring) semester. After non-attendance for either fall or spring semester, the student may complete a form for readmission. A student may appeal the academic disqualification immediately.

To learn more about Academic Disqualification and how to get reinstated

Our academic advisors are here to help walk you through the next steps toward reinstatement. We would recommend that you make an appointment to talk over your options with one of our advisors.


The Academic Advising Center administers the credit for prior learning program, wherein students may earn undergraduate credit based on university-level learning they have obtained outside the classroom. Students can document the university-level learning they have gained through employment, volunteer service or other life experiences with a portfolio or copies of licenses and certificates earned. Certificate, associate or bachelor’s degree students may earn up to 25 percent of total program requirements through the credit for prior learning program.

Credentials for admitted degree students who are currently enrolled are reviewed by faculty from participating departments who determine if this process is appropriate and make recommendations for awarding prior learning credit. Review is based on equivalency to courses listed in this catalog. Credit received for prior learning does not affect your GPA and is not considered residence credit. The university will award transfer credit for specified national and state authorizations, certificates, credentials and/or examinations (see Transferring Credits) that do not need credit for prior learning review.

The Alaska Higher Education Admission Decision (AHEAD) program allows qualified high school students to be formally admitted to UAF as general studies students. AHEAD students are assigned an academic advisor and follow the registration timeline for degree students. To qualify, students must have completed three-fourths of their high school core curriculum and have a cumulative 3.0 GPA or higher. Students who wish to apply to the AHEAD program may get a program application from the Office of Admissions.