I have declared my major

That's great, your Academic Advisor is directly related to your major.

UAF Admissions provides an easy way to find your advisor. If you are not sure what college your major is associated with be sure to check out our list below.




College of Engineering and Mines

College of Liberal Arts

College of Natural Science and Mathematics

College of Rural and Community Development

    • B.A. Alaska Native Studies
    • B.A. Rural Development
    • M.A. Rural Development
    • M.A. Indigenous Studies
    • Ph.D. Indigenous Studies
    • A.A.S. or Certificate in Yup'ik Language Proficiency
    • B.A. Yup'ik Language and Culture
    • B.A. Yup'ik Eskimo

College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences

Community and Technical College (CTC)

  • Call 907-455-2800 to connect with your advisor

Department of Natural Resources and Environment


Honors College

Interdisciplinary Studies

Rural  Campuses

School of Education

College of Business and Security Management