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2010 - 2011 Faculty Advisor Manual broken down by chapters:

Preface (pdf)  


Provost’s Comments on Advising

Table of Comments

Advisors at the Academic Advising Center



Chapter 1 - Introduction (pdf)

Academic Advising at UAF

                  -Academic Advisors at UAF

Academic Advising Center

                  -Faculty Advisors

Academic Advising

                  -Updates & Training


                  -Success Workshops

Departmental Academic Advising

Ethical Issues in Advising

Feist/Schamel Outstanding Undergraduate Faculty Advisor Award Recipients

                  -Previous Feist/Schamel Award Recipients

FERPA (Buckley Amendment)

National Academic Advising Resources

Peer Advising

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Chapter 2 - Academic Advising Basics (pdf)

Academic Advising Interaction Form

Academic Appeals

                  -Grade Appeals

                  -Appeals other than Grades

Academic Conditional Program Form

Academic Planning

AHEAD Program

Athletics – Advising Student Athletes

2009-20102 Student Athlete Practice Schedule


Fresh Start Application Form

Freshman Progress Reports

Calendr with Projected Task Dates

Freshmen Progress Reports Checklist and Flowchart

Non Returning Student

                  -Checklist and Flowchart


Probation Student

                  -Checklist and Flowchart

                  -Sample Questionnaire

Newly Admitted Student Advising

Ice Breakers

No Degree Intended (NODS) Application

OnBase Digital Imaging

Readmissions Process for Former UAF Students

Registration Enrollment Procedures for New Students

Registration Form Printing Instructions & Schedules

Specific Advising Guideline

Unofficial Transcript Printing Instructions (UAOnline)

What Every Academic Advisor Should Know

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Chapter 3 - Degree and Course Information

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Requirements

Core Curriculum

Double Degree / Double Major

General University Requirements

Interdisciplinary Studies

Majors by Code

Minors Available for BA/BS Degrees

                  -Minor for BS Degree Form

‘O’ & ‘W’ Courses by Department

UAF Educational Pathways

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Chapter 4 - Academic Resources & Referral (pdf)

Disability Services

Educational/Career Exploration

Financial Aid

Health & Counseling

Honors Program

Learning Assistance – Courses

                  -Don’t Cancel that Class!


                  -Learning Styles & Basic Skills Enhancement

                  -Student Success Workshops

Library Services

Rural Campus Resources

Service Members Opportunity Colleges (SOC)

Student Support Services

UA Scholars

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Chapter 5 - Alternative Ways to Obtain UAF Credit (pdf)

Exchange & Study Abroad Opportunities

Foreign Language Credit

Non-Traditional Credit

Petition Samples of Common Wording

                  -Petition Flow Chart

Transfer Credit

                  - Transfer Within the UA System

                  - Transfer Outside UA System

                  - Transfer Credit Legend

                  - Transfer Credit by License / Certificate

                  - High School Tech Prep Award

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Chapter 6 - Testing (pdf)

ACCUPLACER Testing Schedule

ACT Course Placement Information

ACT Residual Testing Schedule

Applications for English F111X Credit

Foreign Language Testing Program

Library Competency Exam

Mandatory Course Placement

Math Course Sequence

Placement Tables

- Developmental Math/ Math/ Stat Placement Chart

- Developmental English/ English / Reading Placement Chart

- ASSET Placement Information

Testing Services

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Chapter 7 - Testing
(PDF 473K)


BANNER for Academic Advising

                  - Accessing BANNER

                  - BANNER Keyboard Mapping

                  - List of BANNER Forms & Reports

                  - Setting up a BANNER Printer

                  - Instructions to FTP Reports

                  - Finding a Student ID number on BANNER

                  - BANNER Resetting Password

                  - Examples BANNER Forms & Reports in Alphabetical Order

UAOnline and WEB for Academic Advising

                  - Using UAOnline

                  - Accessing Faculty Information

                                    - Class List

                                    - Student Information (address, email, and program)

                                    - Faculty Schedule

                                    - Running Unofficial Transcripts (with student name)

                  - Accessing Student Information

                  - Accessing Unofficial Degree Evaluation (CAPP Degree Audit)

                  - Accessing Employee Information

                  - Course Enrollment Statistics and Class Lists

Web Queries

                  -Q Menu – Class lists

                  -Q Menu – Section Status

                  -Q ADHOC – Mailing Labels

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Chapter 8 - General Information

Who Does What at UAF

Local Resources

National Online Resources



Degrees & Programs at a Glance

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