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What’s your ideal adventure? Crunching across glacier ice to study the changing climate? Gazing through a microscope to detect disease? Researching Beethoven at the library? Whatever you're looking for, you can find it here.

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Applying for admission

You can find out how to apply on our admissions website, and our student ambassadors and admissions counselors are here to help you each step of the way.

Top ranked

We're a top university

We've got brand-new engineering labs, our own rocket range, an icebreaking science ship and professors who've published more Arctic research than any other university worldwide. But we offer far more than science — explore our full suite of art, theater, film and language programs. It's no wonder U.S. News & World Report calls UAF a top-tier national university — the only one in Alaska.


Affordable excellence

You can get the best of college without paying a fortune. You'll find world-class academic programs and affordable tuition at UAF. We make high-quality education accessible.

Financial aid and scholarships

Finding the money

With our low tuition, an education won't cost you a fortune. But everyone can use help paying for college, so there are grants, student jobs, work-study and loans. If you're new to UAF, the Nanook Pledge could get you four years of aid. UAF also has hundreds of privately funded scholarships -- apply by Feb. 15 and let someone help you succeed.

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Online, we've got loads of courses and even entire degree programs through our eCampus. If you'd rather be on campus, we invite you to visit Fairbanks or our rural sites. Our virtual tour can show you around the Fairbanks campus.