Energy Storage: Beyond Lithium-Ion Batteries

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Photo by Jeff Fisher
ACEP's Dave Light points to a lithium-ion battery at ACEP’s Energy Technology Facility.

Join us for the final in a series of three workshops leading up to the 2023 Alaska Sustainable Energy Conference.

May 9-10:  Energy Storage: Beyond Lithium-Ion Batteries

The final workshop, Energy Storage: Beyond Lithium-Ion Batteries, explores how energy storage is a key enabling technology to help unlock the power of variable renewable resources (such as wind and solar energy) and to expand utilization of electric power for emerging applications (such as electric vehicles).

At present, lithium-ion batteries are a leading storage technology, but they are both costly and contain materials that raise lifecycle concerns. What alternative storage options could provide alternatives to conventional battery technologies — such as hydrogen, flow batteries, gravity storage, pumped hydro, iron batteries, or even a thermal battery that stores energy in sand? Do any of these approaches offer the key to longer-duration storage solutions, including seasonal storage?

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The Alaska Sustainable Energy Conference, May 22-25, 2023 in Anchorage, will focus on Alaska’s role leading the energy transition from established renewable sources to innovative and emerging technologies. World-renowned speakers and experts will highlight the agenda, along with breakout tracks, panel discussions and multiple networking opportunities.

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