Don't Miss! Carbon Sequestration: Myths and Reality – Free Workshop

Information in flyer is located on the web pageCarbon capture utilization and storage covers the suite of technologies used to capture carbon dioxide from stationary point sources, industrial processes, or the atmosphere, and then transport it to either use for other beneficial purposes or inject it deep underground into subsurface formations for permanent storage.

Join us 8:30 a.m.–noon Tuesday and Wednesday, April 11 and 12, for the second in the pre-event workshop series for a conversation with project developers, subject matter experts, and regulators to address the myths and realities of this industry and discuss the potential role it may play in Alaska in the coming years.

While based on decades-old technology in the oil and gas sector, more recent emissions reduction goals and changes to the federal tax code have ignited a growing wave of interest in carbon capture implementation on the international scale.

This virtual workshop is FREE, but all attendees must pre-register.