Alaska Sustainable Energy Conference Features Alaska Innovations and Working in Remote Communities

Panelists discuss at the 2022 Alaska Sustainable Energy Conference
Photo by Jeff Fisher
Gwen Holdmann moderates a session during the 2022 Alaska Sustainable Energy Conference.

The 2023 Alaska Sustainable Energy Conference takes place Monday–Thursday, May 22–25 in Anchorage. The event features four tracks covering topics of decarbonization, made in Alaska energy, working in remote communities, and a breakout track with a wide variety of topics.

UAF President Pat Pitney will give a keynote address on the intersection of research within energy and food security. The ACEP research and leadership team will be presenting during the conference. Jeremy Kasper, Erin Trochim and Michelle Wilber will present on working in remote areas of Alaska, innovative storage solutions, the role of data, and cold climate solutions. John Eichelberger and Ben Loeffler will present on Alaska geothermal and hydrokinetic energy innovations. Gwen Holdmann will present on emerging energies, including hydrogen and micronuclear systems. 

Arctic Energy Office Director Erin Whitney will be joined by Geoffrey R. Pyatt, U.S. Department of State, and Dave Turk, U.S. Department of Energy, to present on the functions of research and resources in Alaska’s central role in global energy. 

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