Grant and Contract Research Administration Training/Education

The Grant and Contract Research Administration Training/Education (G-CReATE) is a comprehensive training, education, and development program to ensure the responsible stewardship of extramural funds. The Program was developed by the Office of Grants and Contracts Administration (OGCA) to meet UAF's research administration needs. The program is intended to improve campus understanding of regulations, policies and procedures; to strengthen internal controls; and to provide faculty and research administration staff with access to key resources and contacts when they need help.

The G-CReATE program will be designed to develop and maintain a consistent body of knowledge for faculty and staff in research administration at UAF. The curriculum will include traditional classes and lectures, interactive workshops, online instruction and educational resources provided to ensure compliance and to enhance the overall productivity of faculty and research administration staff.

OGCA G-CReATE sessions can each be counted as 1.0 credit hour for CRA, CPRA, or CFRA recertification. Note that OGCA does not track these credits, it is the responsibility of the individual.

Program Goals:

  • To facilitate a trained workforce in research administration supporting the UAF's mission
  • To provide coordinated education, training and development courses which assist investigator and research administration staff in the management of research activities
  • To advance professional development and high performance standards for all research administrators at UAF
  • To promote a culture of compliance and research integrity at UAF.

G-CReATE Offerings: