Winterberry Activities

A child holds a paintbrush over a watercolor painting of a grass basket. An adult also holding a paintbrush leans over the child.


Explore Alaska berries through a variety of hands-on science, art, and storytelling activities.

Winterberry is a citizen science project where University of Alaska Fairbanks scientists and community volunteers investigate how shifting seasons could affect when berries are available to animals and people.

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Hands-On Activities and Templates:

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Left to Right: Berry Data Bracelet, Berry Field Guide, and Berries & Animals Collage examples.


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A person pouring berries from one bucket to another.Links and Resources:

Winterberry Homepage


Ties to Alaska’s Wild Plants Videos

Cooperative Extension Berries Information and Recipes

Image: Berries: Iñupiat Traditions video.


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The UAF Winterberry project is funded from the National Science Foundation, award 1713156.