The governor’s veto of the University of Alaska’s budget is a disappointment to say the least. While it is difficult to see how a budget cut of over $134 million will benefit future generations of Alaskans, you can still make a difference.

We need your help in advocating for a veto override. The people of Alaska, speaking through their legislators, said loud and clear that a major cut to the university is not their preference. The legislators added $130 million back to the university budget from the governor’s original $134 million cut. Our legislators now have the opportunity to support the university’s budget and Alaska’s future once again. Use your voice in support of your education and future. You will find contact information for legislators and other useful advocacy materials here. One important note: A veto override would return the budget to the Legislature’s funding level that is $5 million lower than our current budget. There is nothing in between.

As the leaders, staff and faculty of your university work to address this unfolding situation, know that we are doing everything in our power to ensure you continue to have access to the education and training you need to achieve your goals. Our students are our greatest responsibility, and it is our privilege to have you as part of Nanook Nation.

Thank you.

— Dan White, chancellor
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