May 18, 2021

Dear UAF faculty and staff,

As many of you know, the Centers for Disease Control changed its guidance on masking and social distancing guidance for vaccinated individuals. The changed recommendation was very broad but did retain making requirements for all persons on airplanes and for similar environments. The Fairbanks North Star School District as well as state offices have also withdrawn most masking requirements for vaccinated individuals. In light of this change, UA Interim President Pitney will be providing revised system-level guidance. Once the system office provides direction, we will adjust our policies accordingly. The new guidance is expected later this week.

This week marks our transition into Phase C operations. When transitioning into Phase C, employees are not expected to resume onsite work immediately. It is time, however, for those working remotely to work with their supervisors on a plan to either return to on-site work or receive approval for continued off-site work. We hope to have the transition to Phase C (predominantly on-site work) largely completed by June 30.

We recognize that we are still in a time of transition with COVID-19, and our “normal” has changed. As more and more individuals are vaccinated, we continue to explore ways to work together while maintaining a safe campus community.

Please look for a communication from the UA interim president and a follow-up from me later this week regarding mask wearing for vaccinated individuals.

— Dan White, chancellor
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