April 20, 2021

Dear UAF community,

UAF commencement activities are just around the corner, and the spring energy is in full swing. With all of the warm weather and being able to get outside more frequently for longer periods of time, please remember that UAF still requires masking indoors and outdoors any time you are unable to maintain 6 feet of distance from others.

One outside activity taking place early next week is an end-of-semester barbecue for students that is being put on by ASUAF. This event will take place outside and will celebrate the achievements our students have made this semester. Congrats, Class of 2021, and to everyone who made it through our ever-changing COVID-19 environment.

The Rasmuson Library is planning to open up to visitors starting May 17, and they will be sharing information soon about what that will look like. My thanks to the Rasmuson staff for working through the various issues that will allow them to be open to the public.

As we approach Phase C (expected May 10), we are planning the transition to more and more of campus being open. We will continue to maintain our masking policy unless you are outside and able to maintain 6 feet distance or you are alone in a private office with the door closed. If your door is open, please continue to wear a mask. Until further guidance is provided by the CDC regarding vaccines and masking, we will continue to observe our current policy in all buildings and outside.

With the rest of the country also entering different phases and beginning to open up, please remember our campus entry restrictions. Employees, students, contractors and visitors who travel from outside of Alaska must follow all State of Alaska health advisories and orders. State Health Advisory No. 2 advises all travelers traveling outside the state to get tested within 72 hours of departure (prior to or upon arrival) and strict social distance until negative test results are received. This is UA policy as well.

A fully vaccinated traveler should follow all recommendations including obtaining a test, but need not socially distance while awaiting results. UA policy allows these individuals to return to UAF immediately. A traveler who is NOT fully vaccinated must socially distance and refrain from coming to UAF until COVID-19 results are obtained.

There are no additional requirements for individuals traveling to UAF from within the state.

Thank you for choosing UAF.

— Dan White, chancellor
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