Today the Expedited Academic Program Review Committee released its recommendations regarding UAF’s academic program review. The recommendations included suspension of 2 and deletion of 21 of the 86 programs reviewed. Fourteen of the 86 programs were already suspended prior to the expedited academic review and are on track for deletion.

At the outset of the academic review process, the committee was not asked to hit a budget target by eliminating programs. However, some programs will need to be cut in order to reach the budget realities we face. UAF reviewed half of its programs this year and we expect additional programs to be evaluated in the year to come. In order to meet our future budget targets, it may be necessary for me to recommend more than the programs so far recommended for elimination by the review committee. However, as I look at academic programs, I want to assure you that academic program elimination will be minimized to the greatest extent possible by implementing a bridging approach to our budget as well as reducing costs in non-academic areas. I am also looking at things we can entirely stop doing (vertical cuts) that will minimize the strain on everyone. My recommendations on academic programs are due to President Johnsen on March 23, 2020.

I will discuss more in my budget column on Wednesday as to how we will manage UAF’s reduced budget over the next three years. This approach, discussed in previous budget columns, is designed to protect programs and to preserve core strengths for the future. UAF’s budget reductions will still be felt across the university, including in non-academic areas not included in the academic program review.

Among the non-academic areas that may be reduced are ones we have already discussed, including LARS, portions of the Farms, greenhouses on campus, suspended use of the Silver Fox Mine, programmatic cost-share in excess of federal requirements, as well as continued consolidation of buildings and facilities.

Expedited administrative review is also underway. This review is looking at administrative areas across the university. Additionally, efficiencies may be achieved as we establish a broader campus shared services model, although this is primarily a way to achieve depth of service and not specifically savings. Revenues from many sources are being investigated, including increased land and facility sales and leases.

As new information is brought forward, I will continue to share it and seek input from the campus community. In the coming days I will announce an open forum to provide an opportunity for anyone to provide input to me on the academic program review.

We are a university because of the students and the students attend UAF because we have great faculty, great staff, and great programs.

Thank you for what you do and for choosing UAF.

— Dan White, chancellor
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