May 4, 2020

Dear UAF staff,

As we head into summer and evaluate strategies for the fall semester, it will be helpful to know about your experience with our university's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. To this end, a group of UAF staff came up with short surveys for students, faculty and staff. The staff survey can be accessed here.

The surveys were developed through a collaboration between Sine Anahita, Faith Fleagle, Ronnie Houchin, Madara Mason, Sarah Stanley and Amanda Wall. My thanks to the survey team for their efforts to contribute to informed decision-making for UAF's future. The survey is their creation and the results will be analyzed and distributed by them. I look forward to learning from the products of their initiative and from your thoughtful participation. Thank you!

The staff survey should take about 10-15 minutes to complete. Once the survey team has processed the data, it will share the results from all the surveys on a user-friendly website to encourage data-driven decision-making.

The student survey was distributed last week through the Office of the Provost. To date it has received more than 700 responses, providing valuable insight into our students' experiences. Sharing your experience as a staff member will add to our understanding of the challenges and opportunities we face during this time of change.

Please contact Ronnie Houchin at with questions about the survey.

— Dan White, chancellor

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