Last fall we convened a strategic planning effort to take us from 2019 to 2025. UAF's strategic plan is an integral part of our accreditation process. The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities standards call for continuous improvement in setting and assessing our strategic goals, as well as regular evaluation of how well we are fulfilling our institutional mission. Our process is organized around six goals, focusing our efforts on who we are and what we aspire to be. Those goals are:
  1. Modernize the student experience
  2. Solidify our global leadership in Alaska Native and Indigenous programs
  3. Achieve Tier 1 research status
  4. Transform UAF’s IP development and commercialization enterprise
  5. Embrace and grow a culture of respect, diversity, inclusion and caring
  6. Revitalize key academic programs

For each of these goals a committee made was up of students, faculty, and staff. Throughout the 2018-19 academic year, these committees met, gathered input, and drafted reports. Those reports answered three questions: Who do we want to become? Who are we now? How do we get from who we are now to who we want to be?

Our original intent was to post those plans publicly earlier this year for broad feedback. That step was postponed while we navigated the significant uncertainty about UA’s budget and structure. Following the Board of Regents approval of the FY20 budget distribution and their decision to maintain three separately accredited universities, we are now able to re-engage with this critical process.

The reports from each planning committee are now available on the strategic planning website, along with a form to submit your feedback. I’ll be holding a strategic planning forum on January 23, 2020, as another opportunity to share thoughts and discussion. We will use this feedback to finalize the strategic plan, with a target completion date of March 1, 2020.

My thanks to the committees for their hard work, and to everyone who has contributed input or feedback.

Thank you for choosing UAF.

— Dan White, chancellor
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