July 29, 2019

Last Thursday, July 25, I provided President Johnsen with a proposed plan to reach a pro rata unrestricted general fund, or UGF, reduction of $68 million for the Board of Regents meeting tomorrow, July 30. The plan contained various reductions for FY20 that ranged from UGF ($45.1 million), new revenue generation ($12.4 million) and one-time “bridge” funding ($10.5 million). I conveyed this budget to you in my budget column last Thursday evening.

Per the president’s original instructions, I have since sent in a revised plan removing all one-time “bridge” funding options. Although bridge funding will certainly be used, the directions for the budget exercise were to account for $68 million reduction to base funding. As such, the revised plan looks different from what I sent out last Thursday and will be presented at the BOR meeting tomorrow. The
revision can be found on my communications page and in the BOR agenda on slide 16.

In collaboration with my core leadership team I have also developed draft
budget planning guidelines around UAF’s core strengths and areas for cross-university collaboration. These guidelines have been developed to help inform our discussions around the $68 million in reductions to programs and services.

The BOR meeting will be held tomorrow from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. You may wish to listen in if time allows. Thank you for your continued efforts and preparation for our fall 2019 semester.

— Dan White, chancellor