February 3, 2021

TO:                  UAF Deans and Directors
FROM:          Daniel M. White, Chancellor
SUBJ:            UAF Travel Approval Authority

Pursuant to University Regulation 05.02.06, I delegate and assign to the UAF administrators serving in the positions outlined in the attached document the authority to approve out-of-state travel, excluding international travel, within their respective units.  In-state travel can continue to be approved by the employee’s immediate supervisor. Delegation to approve your own travel, which will be limited to senior management, will be communicated in a separate memo from me.  International travel may only be approved by me.

Supervisors are urged to review the current Travel Policy as it relates to COVID-19 at: https://sites.google.com/alaska.edu/coronavirus/general-info/updates  This policy supersedes should it conflict with this delegation.

This delegation of authority is in effect unless otherwise rescinded by me or the delegated authority’s immediate supervisor.


cc:        Julie Queen, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services
              Amanda Wall, Associate Vice Chancellor for Financial Services