ACEP Welcomes Dhaha Nur to its Data Collection and Management Team

Dhaha Nur has recently joined ACEP as a DevOps engineer.
Photo courtesy of Dhaha Nur.
Dhaha Nur has recently joined ACEP as a DevOps engineer.

Dhaha Nur has recently joined ACEP as a DevOps engineer. DevOps is an approach that combines development (Dev) and operations (Ops) to unite people, process and technology. As a DevOps engineer, Nur helps deliver high-quality software applications, data products and services to faculty, staff, students and partners. One of his key duties is to manage ACEP’s software development infrastructure, including servers, databases and cloud-based platforms, to ensure that these systems are up-to-date, secure and available at all times.

Nur comes to ACEP with a passion for technology and years of working experience and leadership as an AI strategist and cloud solution architect. He has expertise in designing and implementing critical layers of abstractions for large organizations with complex data systems and needs as well as strict security requirements. A people person first, Nur deeply cares about engaging users, collaborating closely with stakeholders and leveraging the potential of teams.

A highly motivated individual who challenges himself, Nur was drawn to work at ACEP. He is passionate about using technology to solve complex problems. He loves working with individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives because it not only enriches his professional experiences but also inspires him to think creatively and critically. He also wants to make a meaningful impact on the lives of students and the broader community that ACEP offers.

Nur holds an M.S. in big data analytics with an emphasis in computational linguistics and a B.S. in management information systems, both from San Diego State University. While he grew up on the West Coast and currently lives in Minnesota, Nur is interested in visiting Fairbanks, especially to view the aurora borealis one day.

Outside of work, Nur loves tinkering with technology (did we say he is passionate about technology?) and experimenting with new concepts, cloud services, and tools. His love for new challenges reaches beyond technology. In his love for trying new chocolate treats, his current favorite is a praline feuillantine chocolate cake with a scoop of chocolate gelato. And outside of his technology world, he also enjoys reading and spending time with his family.