Monthly Pub Calendar

November 2015

Week of November 2nd

  • Mon, November 2nd: MNF IND vs. CAR  
  • Tue, November 3rd: Pub Trivia Live Stream on KSUA 8:30pm
  • Wed, November 4th: Scavenger Hunt 8:30pm / Hump Day Specials
  • Thurs, November 5th: Dan Firmin w/ Jack Bennett 8pm
  • Fri, November 6th: The Pub turns 40 Birthday Party w/ The Thneeds & Day-Night Band 9pm
  • Sat, November 7th: Barabbas 9pm

Week of November 9th

  • Mon, November 9th: CHI vs SD 
  • Tue, November 10th: Pub Trivia 8:30pm
  • Wed, November 11th: Good-Bad Movie Night 8pm
  • Thurs, November 12th: Throwback Thursday 8pm
  • Fri, November 13th: Burnt Orange 9pm
  • Sat, November 14th: Barcelona Boys Choir 9pm

Week of November 16th: Celebration of Women in Music Week

  • Mon, November 16th: MNF: Hou vs. Cinn
  • Tue, November 17th: Pub Trivia 8:30pm
  • Wed, November 18th: Scavenger Hunt 8:30pm
  • Thur, November 19th: Paige Compton 9pm
  • Fri, November 20th: The Dilemma w/ Jack Bennett 9pm
  • Sat, November 21st: Babes & Beer Tasting w/ Arkose, Hoodoo, Silver Gulch, Midnight Sun, Celestial Meads, Bear Creek Winery 6pm
  •                                  Babefest 2.0 w/ HARM, The Forest That Never Sleeps, Annie Where The Sun Don't Shine 9pm

Week of November 23rd:

  • Mon, November 23rd: MNF: BUFF vs. NE
  • Tue, November 24th: Pub Trivia 8:30pm 
  • Wed, November 25th: Good-Bad Movies 8:30pm
  • Thur, November 26th: Closed for Thanksgiving
  • Fri, November 27th: Closed For Thanksgiving
  • Sat, November 28th: Closed for Thanksgiving

Week of November 30th:

  • Mon, November 30th: BAL vs. CLE
  • Tue, December 1st: Pub Trivia 8:30pm
  • Wed, December 2nd: Scavenger Hunt 8:30pm
  • Thurs, December 3rd: Kittiwake & Rebecca File 8pm
  • Fri, December 4th: Prohibition ends Dustbowl party w/ DJ Mako Beats
  •                                 Swing Dance Lessons at 9pm
  • Saturday, December 5th: Crimzen 9pm
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