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At The Pub This Week

The Week of January 26th

Monday, January 26th

Chill Night

Come grab a beer and some nachos and try to ride out this cold spell with the Pub!

Tuesday, January 27th

Pub Trivia @ 8:30pm

Test out your knowledge in the toughest Bar Trivia in Fairbanks. Make a team or play solo and get a chance to win some great prizes!

$5 a team and leave those electronic cheating devices at home or be shamed by the trivia master.

Wednesday, January 28th

Hump Day Specials

The week is almost halfway done and we want to help you make it a little more bearable with some great deals on both draft and can beers. As always make sure to follow the Pub on Twitter as we will be posting the beers we will have on special! 

Live Let's Play at The Pub @ 8pm

With Host John Seiler

Come and check out the first Live Let's Play at The Pub as John Seiler and guests play games on the big screen!

This week (Tentatively planed) were playing

The new remake of Resident Evil for the Xbox One
and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker for the Nintendo WiiU

Hope to see you at The Pub!

Thursday, January 29th

Pub Debut of The Melodic Drinking Brothers @ 8pm

This week we are fortunate to have a brand new band with some very familiar faces! The Melodic Drinking Brothers will be on the stage this Thursday making their Pub debut. Comprised of John Koehler, Leighton Nunez, and Stephen Moore, this band is sure to please that part of you that wants to just have a beer with your friends and have a good time. So come on out and have a beer with The Melodic Drinking Brothers!

Friday, January 30th

The Spank Williams Band @ 9pm

This Friday the Pub is happy to welcome back The Spank Williams Band. With an ever evolving lineup that is centered on the beautifully crafted songs of Spank Williams, this is a band that always impresses when they play in Fairbanks. Greatly influenced by jazz, blues, and country The Spank Williams Band has music that is guaranteed to please all patrons!

Saturday, January 31st

The Thneeds @ 9pm

The Thneeds, like all great bands, were formed because somebody lost a bet. We're pretty sure it was 1997. Sometime after OJ went to court, but before Harry went to Hogwarts. Our collective memories are somewhat hazy about the topic--not because of anything untoward, mind you, but simply because it was a long time ago. We do remember committing to a couple of four-hour gigs very early on--before we actually had a band, and certainly before we had any songs. That kind of set the tone. John Kohler, Jim Vogt, Brent Howell, and Bill Schnabel were all there in the early days, and remain with us today. The four of us, along with Kat Gustafson--the greatest rock cellist in Interior Alaska history--spent the next few years writing songs, playing out, and generally seeking our fortunes on the Fairbanks live music scene. The period culminated in 1999 with the release of 900 Planets, our first and to date, only actual studio-produced Thneeds CD. The year 2000 brought with it the Thneed Diaspora, a period in which several band members took the unconventional step of "getting real jobs." In 2004, perhaps 2005, after said band members had an opportunity to discover what the concept of "real jobs" actually entailed, the Thneeds found themselves back in action. We picked up Steve Moore as a ringer guitarist somewhere in there and now don't know what we'd do without him. Since then, we've played together a few times a year--whenever the mood strikes. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Usually in Fairbanks. Brent is in Anchorage, so he plays with us when he can. Kat is still officially in the band, but I don't think she is aware of that. Somebody please tell her. We've written a lot of songs over the years, many of them available on our various live releases or side-project albums, but there are more to come. Many more. The future awaits...

Make sure to come check out this great band on Saturday starting at 9pm!

Pub SuperBowl Party

Doors Open at 1pm

This Sunday The Pub will be hosting its annual SuperBowl Party. As always we will have some great giveaways including a Nikon D3300 camera kit and other swag from our sponsor K&L Distributors! 
For food we will have free pizza and a sandwich bar while supplies last. 
We will also have Seattle and New England beers on special as well both Mimosas and Bloody Mary's for sale! So come on out for a great day of football!!!!! Doors open at 1 and last year we were packed so get here early for a good seat!