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New Event Request Form

  1. Click the Astra link here.
  2. Login with UA Username and Password in top right corner.
  3. Click Request an Event in the top left corner.
  4. Select the appropriate form.
    1. Meeting Request: small private gatherings of less than 50 people.
    2. Booths Space: for an information or fundraising booth.
    3. Events Request: anything else or any meeting with 50+ people.
    4. Outside Group Meeting Request: for anyone not part of the UA System.
  5. Enter the requested information in the top portion.
    1. If you cannot find your department or name please email r.keele@alaska.edu with "Request Form Contact Update" as the subject and include: Department/Group Name, (Last Name, First Name), date(s) requested, times requested, desired space, number of people that will be at event/meeting, and a brief description of your event/meeting. **NOTE COMPLETING THE FORM IS THE MOST EXPEDIENT METHOD TO GET A RESERVATION**
  6. Under Meeting Recurrence select the dates and times for your meetings. 
    ***classrooms are not booked more than one semester out, new request are needed each semester***
    1. Single Meeting(s): Choose a time (all meetings must be at the same time) and the dates you want. If you need various times on various dates group them by time, create meetings, proceed to step 6 and assign the room, then come back to this step and create additional meetings. Failure to assign a space to meetings you have made will prevent you from creating more meetings.
    2. Recurring Meetings: Daily, weekly, or monthly. Ask about yearly and the time frame for your meetings.
    3. Spanning Meetings: If you need a space to remain untouched/unused even when you are not in the space this is the best choice. Please consult the Scheduling Office if you are unsure whether you need this or not.
  7. Select your new meetings in the Meetings section to the right by clicking the box and then click the Request Room button just above.
    1. Select the appropriate filter.
    2. Find the room you want nothing there are multiple pages at times.
    3. Details on the room may be found by mousing over the image to the left.
    4. If you need different rooms for multi-day reservations click the top of the column to see the individual dates. This can also lead to multiple pages indicated in the lower right section of the window.
    5. Mousing over an unavailable room may indicate the times there are conflicts.
    6. Select the desired space and click OK at the bottom.
  8. Click submit at the top of the page. You will be informed that your form has been submitted and will receive a confirmation once it has been booked/approved. If the form will not submit look for the red ! mark near the field that needs your attention.

The Wood Center Scheduling Office schedules events in Wood Center and most other facilities on campus (for non-academic use). Whether you are coordinating a week-long conference or arranging a one-time meeting, the Scheduling Office can help you make your event a success. All room reservation requests must be made in writing.

Office hours are Monday through Friday 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM. 

Normal turn around time Monday-Friday is within 48 hours (2 business days).

If you have not received your confirmation in 48 hours, please call the Scheduling Office at 474-6023, or e-mail us at uaf-event-schedule@alaska.edu.

Important information

Finals Week: 

We do not schedule classroom during finals week. The library may have rooms open or you can try to find a room that is not a calssroom.

Events Outside Building Hours:

Any event requested for hours building hours is subject to additional fees. Requesting hours outside normal operation may or may not be approved. Holding events during published business hours is the best way to ensure you get what you ask for. 


Wood Center Space: 
Scheduling request for Wood Center may be made no more than one year in advance for any student club/organization. Departments may, upon approval, schedule more than a year in advance.

Classroom Space:
For clubs, classrooms may be requested the start of the month prior to semester start. For instance fall classes starting in September may not be requested prior to August 1st. Any request received outside that time frame will not be honored. Requests will then be scheduled on a first come first serve basis. Within the first 2 to 3 weeks of a semester classrooms are subject to academic override and any club/org/department may be displaced if a class is moved there. You are warned of this when scheduling for the semester and we will work with any group to reschedule if possible.

Clubs/Orgs Probationary Period and Re-recognition:

Probationary Period: 
When a new group is forming they are permitted to scheudle 2 meetings before the club is fully formed. Request such meetings as Club Organizationl Meetings and know that those are the only meetings forming clubs are able to schedule until they are fully recognized. Pre-existing clubs, not currently recognized, are not afforded this liberty. They must get re-recognized in order to schedule anything.

Clubs/Orgs must get re-recognized each fall semester. Therefore, annual reservations for large one time events will be accepted throughout the year for no more than 1 year in advance. Furthermore, any reservation made for the next fall or spring is subject to cancellation and release of space if the club in question does not get re-recognized by the re-recognition deadline.

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Forms and policies

UAF Public Events Form (To be completed after receiving room request confirmation *complete this form as indicated by above room request forms*.)

Food Liability Release (To be submitted to Dining Services)

For more information on public use of facilities of university facilities, please refer to the Board of Regents Policy, P05.12.090. Public Use of Facilities.

For more information on UAF policy on campus access for non-commercial solicitation by private individuals or organizations, click here.

The authorized use of university space by an organization does not imply endorsement by the university of the organization, or its views, goals or objectives. Rather, it reflects the university’s commitment to a campus environment supportive of free expression through reasoned discourse, or, in some cases, merely a rental of space at standard rates.  

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