Moab, Utah 2011

March 13-19, 2011

This year the Alternative Spring Break Program will take eleven students down to Moab, Utah where they will be working with the Plateau Restoration Project, along with three other colleges from around the US.

Meet the UAF Alternative Spring Break Team!

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What is the Plateau Restoration Project?

Plateau Restoration works to restore the health of critical wildlife habitats in the Colorado Plateau through hands-on research, education, re-vegetation, and restoration.

The nature of the work we are doing is dependent on weather conditions and outside factors we cannot control.

The projects we will be working on may include any or all of the following aspects: trail delineation and elimination of social trails, fence-building to protect re-vegetation sites, erosion control, planting native vegetation in impacted sites and exotic species removal.

Get ready for a week of hard work, camping, and a lot of education!

Plateau Restoration is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit organization that has been running service-learning trips since 1995. You can also receive up to three college credits for your participation.

Check out their website:


Sample Itinerary:

Day 1: Discussion: (4hrs)
- Introduction to physical characteristics and desert ecosystems of the Colorado Plateau.
- Threats to native habitats (soil erosion, loss of vegetation and biological soil crusts, 
landscape fragmentation, invasive species, altered river flows, etc). Project Work ˆ Orientation to project (2hrs)

Day 2: Discussion (2 hrs)
- Native and non-native plants (plant identification, adaptations to desert environments, exotic species invasion)
- Re-vegetation strategies (species selection, microclimates, planting techniques)
Project work (8hrs)

Day 3: Field Trip or free day: previous restoration projects and survey of land management practices (BLM, NPS, State) plus natural history of these unique areas
- All-day rafting trip on the Colorado River, Moab Daily section OR
ˆ All-day van and hiking tour of Arches National Park and adjacent lands

Day 4: Discussion (2hrs)
- Soil characteristics and geomorphology
Project work (8hrs)

Day 5: Discussion (2hrs)
- Land management agencies and land use issues.
Project work (8hrs)

Day 6: Program summary and evaluation (2hrs)
Actual day-to-day schedule may vary depending on weather and other factors. Slight adjustments to this schedule can be made to accommodate travel arrangements.

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