Adopt a Volunteer!

Suggested Donation Levels for Alternative Spring Break Adopt A Student Campaign

Trail Builder - $10-$25

Support at this level will help cover the cost of feeding an Alternative Spring Breaker during their week of service. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be eaten together and with the three other University groups who will be on site with us. Because the work we will be doing is incredibly physically demanding, we want to make sure our students are well fed!

We Could “Tent” Do It Without You - $25-$75

Your contribution will provide students with the gear they will need during the week. We will be camping and are renting our tents, sleeping bags, etc., from Plateau Restoration to avoid having to check baggage at the airport.

Engaged Citizen - $75-$150

Supporting this program is a great way to encourage students to make service a part of their lives. This Alternative Spring Break Site not only provides a great volunteer opportunity for students, but they will also participate in educational seminars throughout the week. Some topics to be covered include natural history, geology, human history and resource issues. Students are engaged in reflection on their contribution and what they have learned and how to apply it to issues at home.

Conservationist- $150-$300

Your gift gives students a chance to put their education into action. Every step of the way students will be using what they have learned in their curricular and co-curricular experiences at UAF. There are students from all different backgrounds on the 2011 ASB team and they will all be using their strengths daily to complete the projects we will be working on.

Honorary Alternative Breaker- $300-$500

With your generous support, students have the opportunity to experience a life-changing week of service, team-building, overcoming obstacles and personal growth. While Alternative Spring Break trips are a lot of fun, they are also demanding, hard work and require a level of flexibility from students that many have never faced. The learning potential is tremendous for most students who participate in ASB.

Alternative Spring Break Team Leader - $500-$850

At this level of giving you have provided for near half the expense of sending an Alternative Spring Breaker to our destination site in Moab, Utah! As a group, these students will provide over 600 hours of service on the Colorado Plateau. They will also return to Alaska with a better understanding of the true difference on person can make!

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