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Our Staff

Meet the 2014-2015 LIVE Program Staff!

Cara Hollingsworth

Director, Student Leadership Development

Cara is originally from Cheyenne, Wyoming. She graduated from University of Wyoming with a M.S. in Counseling in 2007. She has worked in Student Services for the past 12 years and absolutely loves working with college students!

Cara moved to Fairbanks in 2008 to join the LIVE Program. She moved to Alaska with her husband and 2 labs Zane and Riley. If she isn't in the office you can probably find Cara hiding in a corner reading or out running, hiking or traveling.  

Stop by Cara's office, she always has treats!

Josh Hovis

Student Organizations Coordinator

Come along friends, and listen to my story about a man named Josh. After crawling his way out of the swamp deep in the heart of Pocahontas, Arkansas Josh flew, much like Hermes, to the frozen north of Fairbanks. Atop his mountain precipice of frozen tundra wanderlust overtook him and he journeyed outward and onward in ever-ongoing orbital motion. Every winter he spends looming in this arctic region of Midgard only to burst forth with a wild fervor upon the summer trembling the earth with a renewed vigor for new and exciting places.

A few of his favorite things involve kayaking with crocodiles, swimming with sharks, hugging koalas, and petting wild animals.

This is his second year working with Student organizations and he couldn’t be happier. If you have questions about student clubs and organizations he would love to give you answers.

Stop by his office and he’ll give you some of Cara’s candy!


Lexi Bystedt

Live Program Fiscal Technician

Lexi was born and raised in Fairbanks, and has worked for the university since 2008. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology with a minor in Japanese Studies, a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Philosophy, as well as a certificate in Ethnobotany. Lexi enjoys art, reading and spending time with friends and family.

Phone: 474-5755 

Jared Conrad

LIVE Program Student Organization Assistant

I will answer to Jared, J-Rod, J-Rad, and JayRay, so take your pick or throw me something new. I'm technically the Student Orgs Assistant as well as the LIVE representative for Club Council and Student Org rep for Traditions board, but I occasionally second as a mechanic for the LIVE office and well, anyone else that they know and that I might be able to help. Been in Alaska 10 years and can't wait to never leave. Studying in my final few semesters in the NRM program with a concentration in Forestry. If you are looking for Josh and you only see me, odds are I can be of some assistance as well so do not hesitate to ask!

Mamie Davis

LIVE Leadership Program Assistant


I'm Mamie! Pronounced "may-me". I am a born and bred Alaskan, a Justice/Spanish major here at UAF, an avid traveller and I've been known to rock the combat boots. I spent a year on exchange in England studying law and am looking forward to attending law school in the near future. I love chocolate dogs and my biggest dream in to be a roller derby queen. Here in the LIVE Office I assist with the planning of Leadership Lunches, Leadership Workshops, our new Leadership Book Club and Movie nights and COLD certificate projects. Stop by and give us a shout!

Brandy Flores

LIVE Leadership Program Assistant

Why Hello!
I am from Anchorage and have lived in Alaska since I was three. This is my fourth year at UAF and I am studying Natural Resource Management and Foreign Languages (Spanish and German). I’m also an Orientation Leader and the president of the Gender and Sexuality Alliance on campus. I love travelling, the outdoors. I work in the LIVE office with Mamie as a Leadership Program Assistant. I’m very open and always willing to chat so feel free to stop by anytime!

Lakeidra Chavis

Volunteer Program Assistant & Alternative Spring Break Coordinator

I am senior pursuing a double degree in Psychology and French, with a minor in journalism. 

Originally from a small town in Arkansas, I grew in Texas and Germany, and have lived in Alaska for about five years. I absolutely love it here!

I’m always down for getting out and going on new, different, and crazy adventures. I love all things leadership, and am super pumped to work with the LIVE office. 

My favorite tradition is Springfest, because it’s the start of something new and the celebration of the past. Also, it means that school is literally almost over—which is pretty rad.

Saraya Coburn

LIVE Public Relations, Leadership, and Volunteer Specialist

Hello everyone! My name is Saraya Coburn and I am a junior majoring in History and Foreign Language. I’m from Kenai, Alaska but I call almost everywhere home. I am heavily involved on campus in and outside of the academic world. Along with my position in LIVE I am also the Public Relations Director for ASUAF, a Coalition of Student Leaders representative, an active member of Alpha Phi Omega, and I have worked with several other departments and organizations on campus as well. I enjoy traveling (a lot), music, watching terrible reality television shows, learning about different cultures, cats, cooking, going to campus events, volunteering, talking too much, making things look pretty, and coffee. So. Much. Coffee. My goal in life is to become that High School teacher that goes home after a long day and knits Harry Potter sweaters for my cats.


Can’t find me in the Wood Center? Then look harder because I practically live there. Otherwise email me at