Josh Hovis

Student Organizations Coordinator

Come along friends, and listen to my story about a man named Josh. After crawling his way out of the swamp deep in the heart of Pocahontas, Arkansas Josh flew, much like Hermes, to the frozen north of Fairbanks. Atop his mountain precipice of frozen tundra wanderlust overtook him and he journeyed outward and onward in ever-ongoing orbital motion. Every winter he spends looming in this arctic region of Midgard only to burst forth with a wild fervor upon the summer trembling the earth with a renewed vigor for new and exciting places.

A few of his favorite things involve kayaking with crocodiles, swimming with sharks, hugging koalas, and petting wild animals.

This is his first year working with Student organizations and he couldn’t be happier. If you have questions about student clubs and organizations he would love to answer your questions.

Stop by his office and he’ll give you some of Cara’s candy!

Phone: 474-1959

Cara Hollingsworth

Director, Student Leadership Development

Cara is originally from Cheyenne, Wyoming. She graduated from University of Wyoming with a M.S. in Counseling in 2007. She has worked in Student Services for the past 12 years and absolutely loves working with college students!

Cara moved to Fairbanks in 2008 to join the LIVE Program. She moved to Alaska with her husband and 2 labs Zane and Riley. If she isn't in the office you can probably find Cara hiding in a corner reading or out running, hiking or traveling.

Stop by Cara's office in the Wood Center she always has treats


Phone: 474-1183

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