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Student Organizations


Updates to the database for spring 2015 are due Friday, February 13th by 5pm

Recognition for all returning clubs is due by Friday, February 13th by 5pm. If you are a new/forming organization please contact the LIVE Office located in Wood Center. 

We've broken the Student Organizations Registration Process down into easy steps:

1) Update your organization's student organizations database entry 

2) Complete an Account Signers Form. (only required once a year)

*All account signers must complete the Account Signers Quiz before privileges are active. 

3) Have at least one officer of your student organization attend an officer training. 

CLICK HERE TO LOG IN to the Student Organizations Database (UA LEAD) to access your organization and/or update new info. 

HERE are a few tips and tricks to consider when participating in the Student Org Fair! We host one every semester and it could be a great opportunity for recruitment and networking!

If you can't log in to the database contact the Student Organizations office to be added as a user for your organizations--send your UA username (same as your UA email address) to:

or call us at 474-1959.

2015 Student Commencement Speaker

link to 2015 commencement speaker nomination form
Click the image to nominate a 2015 graduating student. Photo by Todd Paris

Who do you want to represent the UAF graduating class of 2015?

Nominations are now open for the 2015 Student Commencement Speaker. 
Nominees should be a student who positively represents the University of Alaska Fairbanks and is graduating in either December 2014 or May 2015.
The deadline for nominations is Friday, February 27th 2015.
To nominate a student complete the 2015 nomination form.

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Account Signer Quiz

link to the account signers quiz
Click the image to start the account signers quiz

All students registering to be an account signer for their organization must complete two steps:

1. Complete the Account Signer Assessment 

2. The student organizations must turn in one, complete account signers form

Students can find relevant financial information for their organizations below. 

Student Organizations Fiscal Information

Student Organization Procard (credit card) Policy

Student Organization Gift Card Policy

Student Organization Travel Brochure


Please Note:

The authorized use of university space by an organization does not imply endorsement by the university of the organization, or its views, goals or objectives.  Rather, it reflects the university's commitment to a campus environment supportive of free expression through reasoned discourse, or, in some cases, merely a rental of space at standard rates.