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Student Organization name:

Alaska Gravity Works (AGW)

Student Organization preferred name:

Alaska Gravity Works

Student Organization Description:
This club is for people who like to show off at parties. If you can't juggle already, don't worry--we can teach you! If you can, great! You can teach us, or we can learn some new tricks together! Don't like juggling clubs, balls, torches or knives? That's fine, too. We've got a plethora of other tricks, including poi, devilsticks, diabolo, unicycle, and contact juggling. We'll find something you'll enjoy, guaranteed or your money back!

Student Organization Email:

Student Organization Meeting Time: Wednesday at 4pm-6pm

Student Organization Meeting Location: On the grass next to the SRC

The Inu-Yupiaq Dance Group invites audience members to join them in a traditional dance at the 2009 SOAR Awards Ceremony.