Fall 09

10th Annual Leadership Conference

Talk, Listen, Lead!

Friday October 16 5:30PM-8PM

Viewing of the movie: The Rescue


There will be a discussion panel after the movie about service opportunities including domestic and abroad.

Saturday October 17 9AM- 4PM

Talk, Listen, Lead!

Join your fellow students and community leaders for a full day of inspiration and collaboration.

The Leadership Conference consist of food, a keynote speaker, and numerous workshops geared towards every individual.

No matter what your interest there is gauranteed to be something at the conference for you!

Come attend workshops to improve your communication and leadership skills!

For more information and to sign up for the conference contact: 474-1170 leadership@uaf.edu


Keynote Speaker: Corey Ciocchetti

"Chasing Authentic Success"


"Benjamin Franklin proclaimed that 'we get old too soon, wise too late.' This fact rings true in our lives because the journey to authentic success is a daunting venture. Fortunately, your life can change dramatically when you re-dedicate yourself to the ideals of your conscience, your moral compass. Start seeking wisdom today and, on this journey, I wish you the best of success. "-- Professor Ciocchetti

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