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Recognition and Awards

In order to recognize exemplary UAF student leaders, the Graduation with Leadership Honors distinction is awarded each semester. As leaders among their peers, these students are commended for their service, commitment, and achievements, which positively contribute to the quality of life in the UAF community.

Students earn graduation with leadership honors by completing level I & II of the COLD certificate.  By completing levels I, II and IIi students are eligible to earn Graduation with Leadership Distinction.  

Recipients of Graduation with Leadership Honors will be recognized with certificates and crimson cords and recipients of Graduation with Leadership Distinction will be recognized with certificates and silver cords.  The cords are to be worn with graduation gowns. For more information, please contact the UAF LIVE Program at 474-1170 or via email at

Congratulations to the 2013 Graduation with Leadership Honors Recipients

Graduation with Leadership Distinction

Paul Young

Brenda Hannah

Andrew Scott
Mari Frietag
Graduation with Leadership Honor
Abbey Stark
Kyla Hovda
Lindsey Von Borstel