Level Three

Leading Change

The Level III Certificate recognizes those UAF students who have made a commitment of excellence to themselves, the UAF Campus and our community as a whole.   Students who complete this certificate will possess a clear understanding of who they are and the potential impact their leadership abilities have.  


1)    Successfully complete UAF Level I & II   COLD Certificates

2)    Meet with Director of the UAF Director of Student Leadership Development or designee a minimum of once per month, after beginning the Level III certificate, and through the duration of the Level III Certificate program

3)    Attend five (5) Leadership Workshops or Programs, selecting one (1) from each of the following categories and complete a reflection sheet on each workshop/event/activity

a.      Clarified Values-Learn how to make decisions that reflect personal values, scrutinize personal values and beliefs and identify persona, work and lifestyle values and explain how they influence decision making.  

b.     Spiritual Awareness-Learn to develop and articulate personal belief systems: understand the role of spirituality in persona l and group values and behaviors.  

c.      Social Responsibility-Learn to understand and participate in relevant governance systems.  Understand, abide by and participate in the development and maintenance of orderly change of community social and legal standards or norms.  Appropriately challenge the unfair, unjust or uncivil behavior of other individuals or groups.  

d.     Commitment-Learn to develop the motivational energy to serve and learn how to drive the collective effort.  Commitment implies passion, intensity and duration.  

e.      Controversy with Civility-Leran to recognize the two fundamental realities of any creative group effort:  that differences in viewpoint are inevitable and that such differences can and must be aired openly but with civility. 

4)    Participate in one (1) UAF alternative break program or other equally in-depth community service project.

5)    Actively participate in a leadership role in a campus (or community) club, organization, team, department, etc., of your choice for a minimum of four consecutive semesters

6)    Successfully complete one of the approved academic leadership courses

7)    Complete a Nanook Legacy project

The legacy project is an opportunity for students to implement what they have learned by creating a lasting program, event, initiative, etc. at UAF.   Students can choose the type of Legacy Project they want to implement, with advisement from the LIVE program.   Students are empowered to create a change they want to see through their Legacy Project. Projects should meet a need, be thought provoking, problem solving, and sustainable after the student has graduated. 

8)    Meet with UAF Director of Student leadership Development upon completion


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