Leadership Certificate



The UAF LIVE Program is committed to developing excellent and effective leaders who will have a statewide, national and global impact. The Co-Curricular Opportunities for Leadership Development (COLD) Certificates are designed to fulfill this commitment to our student body. The COLD Experience will allow participants to advance their knowledge and skills with regard to effective intellectual and cultural leadership. In addition this co-curricular certificate program will encourage students to be more productive thinkers and to become more civically engaged.

Basic Logistics

The COLD certificates will be earned through participation in various workshops and attendance at campus and community events. These will culminate with students completing and earning co-curricular leadership certificates in Levels I-Leading Yourself, Level II-Leading Groups and Others & Level  III-Leading Change.

Students can choose to participate and earn certificates in one or more levels OR they can choose to attend a single workshop for their own individual growth. The LIVE. program will partner with other entities across campus to offer approximately forty (40) workshops/events each semester. These workshops/events will be composed of sessions from each certificate level and will offer participants a multitude of options throughout their involvement with the COLD Experience and their time at UAF.

Students who complete Level I & II of the certificate will be eligible to earn Graduation with Leadership Honors.  Students who complete Level I, II & III will be eligible to earn Graduation with Leadership Distinction.  


The COLD certificates provide tangible ways for students to be recognized for their leadership development within the UAF community and beyond. This will allow students to be recognized for the broad and well-balanced range of leadership opportunities and experiences they have taken advantage of while here at UAF. Students will develop life-long leadership skills necessary to be successful in an ever-changing workplace and global environment. The certificates are designed to recognize and document co-curricular activities and leadership experiences and to complement a student's transcript and resume. 

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