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Student Activities- Upcoming Events

Meet the Board & Get Involved

Want to get involved with planning UAF's Nanook Traditions? Email us at, call us at 474-6029, or come by our weekly meetings in the Wood Center Banner Room, Thursdays at 1:00pm.

2013-2014 Nanook Traditions Board

Juan Cruz

Board Chair

Major: Social Work and Justice

Favorite tradition & why: Starvation Gulch, because it means the snow will be coming soon :)

Why did you join the board: I like to get involved becuase you meet a lot of people.

The ultimate ice cream: Chocolate

What do you do for fun: I like to hang with friends and just have fun!

Katie Griffin

SAO Representative

Major: Anthropology 
Favorite Tradition & Why: I love all the traditions on campus, but Springfest is my favorite. It marks the end of the dark winter with a festive atmosphere. There's always great music playing and people enjoying themselves and having fun in the sun. I especially love the rugby match and the field day. 
Why did you join the board: I joined the traditions board because I really wanted to be a part of organizing the events that everyone enjoys. I've enjoyed two years of traditions, and now I'd like to be involved and make future tradition events awesome for everyone else! 
Ultimate Ice Cream Flavor: Peppermint Candy 

Ayla O'Scannell

ASUAF Representative

 Major: Political Science


Favorite Tradition & Why: Springfest, because it marks the end of winter and it's a fun break to get outside before finals with so many events over the long weekend. 

Why did you join the board: I've had a great time at Tradition events over the years and I'm excited to be a part of the Board that makes it all happen. 
The Ultimate Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip

What do you do for fun: I love to travel and hang out with my friends

Sarah Walker

Rural Student Services Representative

Majors: Alaska Native Studies and Rural Development, Yup’ik minor.

Favorite Tradition & Why:  My favorite tradition is Starvation Gulch because it’s just awesome.

Why did you join the board: I joined the board because it seemed like it would be a good experience.

The Ultimate ice cream: The ultimate ice cream would be akutaq (Eskimo ice cream), each area has their own recipe for it and they’re all delicious!

What do you do for fun: For fun, I usually hang out with friends.

James Mitchell

APO Representative

Major: Elementary Education

Favorite tradition & why: Starvation Gulch, because I like bonfires and it gets me pumped!

Why did you join the board: I am representing Alpha Phi Omega

The ultimate ice cream: Cake batter with butterfingers

What do you do for fun: I like to play outside, hike, bike, and hang with friends

Lauren Ramirez

LIVE Program Representative

Major: History with a minor in Sociology

Favorite tradition & why: I'm a transfer student from North Carolina, so I don't have a favorite tradition quite yet but I'm pretty sure Starvation Gulch will be my promises I'll be get to be a little warmer.

Why did you join the board: I work in the LIVE office and understand the importance of getting involved and really getting the most out of your college experience!

The ultimate ice cream: Salted Caramel Pretzel. If you disagree, you're wrong.

What do you do for fun: I enjoy spending time with my husband, volunteering, travel, and crafting for my home and my sorority!

Walter DiSarro

DRAW Representative

Maria Greene

RA Representative (Lower Campus)

Jared Conrad

Student Organization Representative

Major: Natural Resource management Concentration in Forestry
Favorite tradition & why: Starvation Gulch, because it is huge fires and I got to light them once
Why did you join the board: To help Student Clubs get involved more and closer with UAF Tradition events.
The ultimate ice cream: Vanilla, for it may become any flavor.

What do you do for fun: Drive, fish, shoot, hang out, and work on cars. 

RA Representative


Brooke Smart

Student Representative