UAF Veterinary Medicine Professional Program

Safety Training is taken Seriously

All Professional Veterinary Medicine Faculty, Staff and Students are required to complete the necessary training

7 Required Trainings :

Links can be found at

·        Employee Safety Orientation

·        Hazard Communication

·        Office Safety (general)

·        Slips, Trips and Falls

·        Department Emergency Action Plan (DEAP)  See Below

·        Title IX/Sexual Misconduct

·        Protection of Minors

Required Laboratory Trainings :  Required for those that work in University laboratories.  Links can be found at

·        UAF Laboratory Safety

·        UAF Chemical Hygiene

·        UAF Hazrdous Waste Management

·        Others as determined by each individual’s specific duties (see Lab Task Specific Trainings)

Lab Task Specific Trainings:

Required for those that work with the specific hazard in a laboratory setting.

Links can be found at

·        Understanding Safety Data Sheets

·        Laboratory Sharps Safety

·        Methylene Chloride

·        Phenol Safety

·        Benzene

·        Chloroform

·        Formaldehyde

·        Silica (a guide to working with)

·        Toolik Lake Lab Safety

·        Laboratory Safety for Non-Laboratory Personnel

·        Hazardous Materials Shipping Awareness

·        Hydrofluoric Acid (in-person training; UAF Industrial Hygiene: 474-6771)

More information and trainings available through UAF Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management (, 474-5413).

Department Emergency Action Plan

Arctic Health Research Building, Murie and Irving Annex

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