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On this page UAF-based CSU DVM students will find information on the Alaska Class Schedule, Books required and suggested, the expected fee schedule, and materials/supplies required.  We are very excited to have the opportunity to work with you.  Do not hesitate to contact the department with questions, concerns or suggestions.  


DVM Student Resources

As UAF-based DVM Students, many of the resources you need are provided by CSU, like Financial Aid and support, Library services, Class Ranking, and some scholarships. áFaculty and staff at UAF strive to make sure all of the services are provided; some at both campuses. áPlease visit the CSU-CVMBS Student Resources page or the UAF Student Services for additional information.

UAF-based students have local access to:

Student Health Center

Mather Libraryáand Rasmussen Library

Large Animal Research Stationá

DVM Student Affairs Coordinator - Dr. Todd O'Hara

Veterinary Medical Licensing Boards, United States and Canada Requirements

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