Vision Task Force Final Report:

Shaping the Future of UAF

Faculty and Staff Development

Recommendation One:

Establish clearly articulated career pathway opportunities for faculty and staff.

ARTICULATE methods whereby interested faculty and staff can prepare for and transition to administrative roles;

ENSURE that the UAF evaluation process is tied directly to career advancement opportunities.

Recommendation Two:

Focus efforts of the Office of Faculty Development on the following:

  • Implement key recommendations of the Clayton report and other faculty development needs assessments in consultation with the provost and stakeholders;
  • Continue to coordinate and facilitate activities centered on excellence in teaching and learning at all UAF campuses;
  • Determine realistic levels of financial and staff support in order to carry out and sustain the above mentioned activities.
  • Recommendation Three: Provide expanded opportunities for staff in professional and leadership development.
  • Determine, implement and evaluate training and development needs of staff at all levels and campus locations;
  • Evaluate the need for an Office of Staff Development;
  • Fund and sustain training and development activities at all UAF campuses.


  • Collaboration between appropriate units and stakeholders.
  • Senior administration must support faculty and staff development within each unit.
  • Budget, technology and other resources must be allocated appropriately.
  • Active participation at all levels in assessment, development and implemen-tation.
  • Evaluation of training and development effectiveness at UAF needs to be done annually.
  • Investigate best practices and assessments used by other institutions e.g. Baldridge Criteria for Academic Excellence.


Contributions to teaching and learning for student success, faculty/staff development, and towards overall achievement of the UAF Strategic Plan 2010 goals. In particular, UAF as an institution, its faculty, staff and students will benefit from:

  • Better-prepared faculty/staff resulting in improved student success and engagement.
  • Faculty development and pedagogies that may be tied in with unit criteria for faculty promotion and/or tenure. This will result in demonstrated success that is measurable with accountability for all those involved.
  • Provides increased opportunities for staff development, engagement and advancement.
  • Increased recruitment and retention purposes
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