Vision Task Force Final Report:

Shaping the Future of UAF

Advancement and Philanthropy

Recommendation One:

Develop an integrated philanthropic plan that is budget based, donor centric and supports the quest for excellence.

CREATE communities of passionate advocates and alumni.

EXTEND marketing, community education and outreach campaigns.

FORM sustainable and secure philanthropic models upon which to grow.


  • Establish an integrated marketing plan and tools that are based on the philanthropic plan, and that encompass all aspects of the university and are easily segmented for more targeted efforts.
  • Electronically track constituents and alumni as they interact with UAF.
  • Identify our strengths, and increase awareness of all we have to celebrate about the university, its successes and alumni achievements.
  • Identify key constituents through extensive, thoughtful research.
  • Develop best-practice methods to communicate what the university has done, what we are doing and what we’d like to do to engage, inspire and empower students, supporters and alumni.
  • Communicate on a consistent and informative basis with our constituents through publications, visits, phone calls, e-mails and letters and invite them to partner with us.
  • Develop stronger links with alumni.
  • Form outreach campaigns to students and parents before graduation to initiate “pride of ownership” and to engage them as partners in UAF’s future.
  • Enhance UAF’s partnership with the UAF Alumni Association to increase alumni participation in all aspects of the university.
  • Connect with more alumni through advertising and increasing our visibility in Alaska’s major markets.
  • Engage more alumni through publications, website and electronic tools, and personal interactions.
  • Engage business community and investors, as employers of our alumni and students, to understand and value UAF education.
  • Using donor-centric methods, work with donors to match their philanthropic goals with the university’s needs.
  • Practice good stewardship by acknowledging gifts in a timely, relevant manner; recognize donors for their support in public, meaningful ways; and report to them about the integrity of our efforts on their behalf.
  • Establish baselines to evaluate progress.
Study group


  • Exercise flexibility and enjoy opportunities beyond legislative funding, which will give UAF better budgetary control and allow us to strengthen and expand the mission.
  • Identify where we want to go, and how we want to get there, to be better positioned to anticipate needs and changes in society, the economy and climate.
  • Hire and retain highly qualified faculty and staff and attract the best students.
  • Increase educational opportunities for students, our staff and faculty, and the community.
  • Become a “university of choice."
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